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Obama won the New Hampshire Republican Primary

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, 12: 02 AM

That’s how I see it.  Romney thinks he’s been attacked by Newt and Santorum.   He’ll faint when he sees what Obama has in store for him.

All the anti-capitalism rhetoric from Gingrich and Santorum seems to have backfired, as it should have.  But it should only backfire on them, not us.  Guess there was no way to avoid that.  Ron Paul’s showing is largely attributable to way in which New Hampshire allows anybody and everybody to vote.  You needn’t be a New Hampshire resident, you don’t have to be a Republican to vote in the Republican primary, you can register at the door without an ID, you hardly need to have a pulse.  As a result Paul got the operation chaos vote.  Real Republicans aren’t voting for his deranged foreign policy which finds endless excuses for every threat we face and holds that we have no right to defend ourselves.

Perry got 1% of the vote.  Gad.

But it’s not over yet.  Not by a long shot.

Quote from Steven Hayward, see Bankrupt Liberalism:

Romney may or may not be able to defeat Obama in November; obviously we’ll have a lot to say about the campaign as it unfolds.  But I can predict this: if Obama manages to eke out re-election, his second term will just about finish off liberalism and its vessel, the Democratic Party.  The larger question is whether he’ll finish off the country along with it.


Romney’s Extensive Business Experience is Said to Make Him Highly Qualified to be President

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 2: 51 PM

You’ve heard it said that Mitt Romney has great business experience and that is just what we need in a president.  Perhaps Obama’s zero business experience is the catalyst for that thinking.  You may think it yourself, may have even said it yourself.  So let’s look at the presidents with not just some or a little business experience, but at those with quite a lot of it.

Truman owned a haberdashery with a partner for a time, until they went broke.  That bit of business experience was the sum of it and in itself didn’t make him a good or even better president, but how he handled the failure of that business did reveal the character of the man. Except for the mortgage held by the Continental Nation Bank, he personally repaid all of the creditors out of later earnings which had nothing to do with the business.  He could have declared bankruptcy, but he didn’t consider it to be honorable.  The creditors had loaned their money and sold him inventory on credit in reliance on his word that he would pay them back.  He wasn’t going to let them down.  Truman was a good president but that was due to his core principles as a man, not because of his business experience.

Abraham Lincoln clerked in a general store for a while.  It was in that endeavor that he walked 10 miles in the snow to return ten cents to a woman he had mistakenly overcharged.  He was also a good railsplitter.  He won arm wrestling contests with bigger and seemingly stronger men in the railsplitting line of work.  Lincoln’s business experience, such as it was, showed him to be a man of honor and principle.  But  again, it was his core principles and personal moral code that made him a great president.

In fact, while there may have been several presidents with some, usually very little, business experience, there have been only three presidents with extensive business experience and which they and their supporters hailed as their main qualification to be president.  So we should look at those three and ask what sort of presidents they were.

The three were:  Jimmie Carter, Herbert Hoover and Warren G. Harding.  None of them were presidents of any acclaim, except Harding, and his main claim to greatness is that when the Panic of 1921 set in he was too drunk and too busy with his mistress to get involved in trying to end it.  As a result of him staying the course (with his mistress and his bottle) the Panic of 1921 soon found its own cure, and the Roaring Twenties began.  So while Harding did well on that score, that was about the only good thing he did and that was by default.  As for Jimmie Carter and Herbert Hoover, both were unmitigated disasters.

Obama, with no business experience whatsoever, is also a disaster.  The lesson seems to be that unlike knowledge, a little business experience is good but a lot doesn’t correlate much at all with competence in the White House.  Those who tout Romney’s business experience to mean he’ll be a great president need to think that through a little.

The Ideal Republican Candidate for Congress

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, January 9, 2012, 10: 33 AM

In the state of Utah there is a person who will run for Congress from its newly created 4th district that just might be the ideal Republican.  This person believes strongly in individual responsibility and freedom.  In order to balance the budget while cutting taxes, the candidate would start by abolishing the Department of Education and the Department of Energy, delegating their responsibilities to the states.  Slashing regulations and opening up federal land to energy drilling would be a priority.  The  American-born candidate comes from immigrant parents who fled the ructions of their native land with $10 in their pocket, settling in America and making a life for themselves.  “I had a front-row seat for two people living the American dream,” she said. “I will not stand by as we leave our children a legacy of debt and dependency.”

Who is this person?  Meet Mia B. Love who, if elected, will be the first Black Republican woman in the United States House of Representatives:

She might be the ideal Republican if, as it appears so far, she is a principled conservative who will not sell out on those principles in a misguided effort to win friends among liberal Democrats and their pals in the media.  If, as seems almost certain, she values individual liberty and individual responsibility for the consequences of our own decisions.

Mia B. Love owns a gun, is an avid shooter, has a CCW permit, and is a strong believer in Second Amendment freedoms.  From all this we should be able to conclude that she also believes in a Constitutionally limited Federal government, as everyone in this country once believed.

More about Mia B. Love at Legal Insurrection

Gas Station Price Sign From 1955

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This is the way price signs at all gas stations should read:

The retailer was making out a lot better in 1955 than today. The amount per gallon to the retailer is not much higher now than then, and 4 cents out of a total 20 cents per gallon is a 20% markup. That’s not profit because the retailer must pay its overhead out of that before realizing any profit. Even if the retail markup has doubled to 8 cents per gallon today, when the price is $3.00 the retailer’s share has declined to 2.6% per gallon. A retailer whose share of the total price tripled from 4 cents in 1995 to 12 cents today, and that would put that retailer on the high end of retail markup, would still only be getting 4% of the total price. The overhead for just the gasoline portion of the business could easily take all of that.

Gasoline is a loss leader today and that is why gas is sold almost exclusively at convenience stores. The profit from such a business is to be had from sales inside, not those outside. That’s why 1955-style gas stations no longer exist.

One thing is for sure. The government still gets the lion’s share of profit out of gasoline at any price level.

“Pious Baloney” on NBC Meet The Press Debate This Morning

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Sunday, January 8, 2012, 11: 34 AM

Newt Gingrich hit Romney where it hurts for his “pious baloney” about not being interested in politics, only in helping the country.  That’s a line that has all the ring of “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you,” or that old standby, “The check is in the mail.”  That fact is that Romney has been running for political office for years and years and mostly losing.  He’s not a boy scout seeking to help little old ladies across the street, he’s a political animal, a full-blooded politician that has run for office many times and lost all but once.

If Romney is ever suspected of a crime he damn sure better not talk to the cops. An experienced detective would catch him in so many lies he’d end up talking his way straight into the slammer.

Check the video here. I can’t post it on this blog because the embed code contains the iframe in brackets tag and wordpress.com doesn’t allow that tag. I can’t even write the html for the tag because it won’t show up they are so afraid of it. This is crazy because the iframe tag is one of the most universally used to embed videos and other objects with html. I probably should be embarrassed about this rant, however. Take a look at Louis CK on how everything is amazing and nobody’s happy.

Five Keys To A Good Nights Sleep — And Three Others That Might Actually Work

Posted in Culture by TeeJaw on Sunday, January 8, 2012, 11: 10 AM

John Hawkins at PJ Lifestyle offers his prescription for solving your sleep problem.  That’s assuming you have a sleep problem, but just about everyone does (except teenagers).  Consider yourself darn lucky if you don’t.

Here are the five keys Hawkins suggests:

  • Get a good bed;
  • Stay off your bed except when you want to go to sleep;
  • Make the room the way you want it, cold, hot, whatever;
  • If you wake up and can’t go back to sleep, just tough it out;
  • Relax before you go to bed.

OK, at this point you’re either laughing or shaking your head.  I like John Hawkins’ website, The Right Scoop, because it is informative and usually has breaking news of interest to conservatives and sensible libertarians, of both the small “l” and the capital “L” type.  His sleep prescriptions might work for him but probably aren’t of much help to many others, mainly because you’re probably already doing most of those things and you still wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep.

I’d guess that restless period in the middle of what should be a good night’s sleep is the worst sleep problem anyone has.  The only thing to be said for it is that you can get a lot of reading done between midnight and 4:00 AM.  You could even clean the house, or count your socks, or straighten out all the cords on your computer desk.  But the thing you really want to do is go back to sleep.  So here’s my advice on how to do that.  It’s what I do and it works for me.  Well, most of the time.  Nothing works all the time.

My first approach is to avoid the 2:00 or 3:00 AM wakeup altogether.  I’ve found two things that will do that for me.

Advil PM is amazing.   So is Tylenol PM, but your liver won’t like it if you ingest to much acetaminophen, especially if you also drink alcohol.  Advil PM won’t upset your stomach or rot out any other organ in your body.  As a non-steroid, anti-inflammatory pain reliever you get other benefits besides whatever it has in it to put you to sleep.

Costco sells something under it’s Kirkland private label called “Sleep Aid.”  The stuff works like you can’t believe.  Just don’t take it too late or you’ll be late for work the next day even though you’ll feel great.  It gives you about a half hour to read your book before you’re zonked for the next 6 or 8 hours.  If you need to wake up in the night for any reason, such as to answer a phone call from your kid away at college, you’ll be able to go back to sleep afterwards, depending on what the phone call was about of course.  Whatever is in those pills it keeps on working and it lets you interrupt your sleep and then resume.  If there is no Costco where you live, maybe because you live in Wyoming or something, no problem. You can buy everything they sell online.  If there’s no Costco anywhere in your state, such as Wyoming, you’ll even save paying sales tax.

These pills are not controlled substances, they are sold to anyone over the counter because they don’t contain anything that will get you high and they are not addictive or habit forming.  There is one caveat.  If you rely on them too heavily they may cease to work for you.  I’ve got you covered on that too.  Read on.

Don’t take either the Advil PM or the Sleep Aid every night.  Get a couple of good night’s sleep and then wing it for a couple of nights.  You may find that you’ll sleep pretty well without the pills.  If not, there’s melatonin.  You could take melatonin when you go to bed instead of the Advil PM or the Sleep Aid, but I’ve found that if you take it at 10:00 PM you’ll still wake up in the middle of the night.  At least that’s my experience.  So I suggest taking nothing when you first go to bed and take the melatonin at 2:00 or 3:00 AM, or whenever you find yourself awake.  That should give you another 4 hours of restful rapid eye-movement and dream-filled sleep.  Just don’t take it at 5:00 AM if you need to be at work at 8:00 AM.  I’ve found that melatonin takes a little longer to work so you can get some reading done while you’re waiting for it to kick in.

Those are the things that work for me, and they may or may not work for you, but it’s worth a try.  These remedies are a lot better than getting a prescription from your doctor for sleeping pills, in my view.  You can easily become dependent on prescription sleeping pills so that you can’t ever sleep without them.  I think that’s too high a price to pay for a fix to your sleep problem unless you problem is a lot more serious that most people’s.  If you’re a man don’t ever take your wife’s prescription sleeping pills.  Some of them are specific to women and I guarantee you’ll be sorry you took them.  I know.  She forgot to tell me.  It’s illegal as well.

Finally, if none of the above works, here is the sure-fire remedy for sleeplessness.  Go into the living room, turn on the TV, make sure there’s a light on in the room, get into your favorite chair, lean back, makes slits with your eyelids and voila!, you’ll be asleep in no time.

More Grammer — Sorry, This is Required

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The post below harangues you for not using the subjunctive mood of the verb to be when the sentence or clause requires it.  So now I may as well go off on another grammatical error that is frequently encountered and that I find particularly annoying.

The following sentence is not correct:  “Tom Horn was found guilty of murder, and he was hung in 1903.”  It is not correct because Tom Horn was a man; he was not a picture.

The following sentence is correct:  “A picture of Tom Horn when he was hanged was later hung on the wall.”

That’s right.  Pictures are hung.  Men are hanged.  The past participle is used when human beings are stretched on a rope as a form of execution, and the past tense hung is used to describe the occurrence after the hanging of all other things, such as pictures on the wall or keys on a hook.

It doesn’t matter whether the hanging of a man by the neck has already occurred, is presently occurring, or is to occur in the future.  Thus, the following are all correct:

“Tom Horn is to be hanged a week from today for his crime.”

“Tom Horn is at this moment being hanged in Cheyenne for the killing of Willie Nickell.”

“Tom Horn was hanged at dawn this morning.”

My neighbor has suggested, quite reasonably I’d have to say,  that I wear the t-shirt with the inscription, “I’m silently correcting your grammar.”  But I’m doing it overtly, not silently.  Here’s hoping that you find it instructive and fun, and that you don’t wish for me to be hanged.

Trivia questions.

Where was it alleged that Tom Horn committed murder?

Answer:  At Iron Mountain, Wyoming which is about 50 miles NW of Cheyenne and about 30 miles NE of Laramie.  He was tried and found guilty in Cheyenne.

Was there anything unusual that occurred in the hanging of Tom Horn?

Answer:  Yes, Tom Horn was hanged by an automated gallows in which the pressure of his body weight released a lever with a counterweight that gradually rose to pull out the support beam under the trap door.  In effect, he hanged himself.

Where is Tom Horn buried?

Answer:  Boulder, Colorado

Why was he buried in Boulder, Colorado?

Answer:  Not because of any family connections, but he had been a Pinkerton detective working out of the Denver office before he went to Wyoming as a “range detective.”

Was Tom Horn really guilty of the crime of killing Willie Nickell?

Answer:  No one will ever know for sure.  It is entirely possible that as a range detective for cattle interests he was caught in the middle of two opposing forces at the tail end of the Johnson County wars in Wyoming between cattle interests wanting free range and homesteaders who fenced their land to keep roaming cattle out.  The boom and bust of the cattle business in the last quarter of the 19th Century made millionaires of cattle ranchers in short order, and sent them to broke just as fast. Laying blame on sheepherders and farmers was all too convenient, and violence was common.

A Lesson in Grammar — Peas Followed By Dessert

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Almost nobody seems to distinguish between the indicative and subjunctive mood of the verb to be anymore.  Since I speak and write this way my internal alarm goes off when I read or hear the indicative mood of verbs in sentences or clauses that call for the subjunctive mood.

The subjunctive mood of the verb is required when the sentence or clause is conditional, or when a subordinate clause follows certain verbs in the main clause.  A sentence or clause that starts with the word if is the most common form of a conditional sentence.  A sentence or clause expressing a wish is also conditional.

The subjunctive form is also required in a clause following one of these verbs:  ask, demand, determine, insist, move, order, pray, prefer, recommend, regret, request, require, suggest, and wish.

In English the subjunctive and indicative form of a verb are almost always the same, except  for the present tense third person singular form of the that verb, and the verb to be.

The subjunctive form for the present tense third person drops the s or the es.

The subjunctive form of the verb to be is be in the present tense and were in the past tense, regardless of the subject.


Subordinate clause following one of the listed verbs:

Incorrect: My requirement is that everyone is on time.

Correct:  My requirement is that everyone be on time.
(main clause contains a demand, verb in subordinate clause must be in subjunctive mood)

Incorrect:  The captain asks that each officer on the scene files his own report.

Correct:  The captain asks that each officer on the scene file his own report.

Conditional sentences or clauses:

Incorrect:  I wish he was taller.

Correct:  I wish he were taller.

Incorrect:  If I was a rich man, yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dybby dum …

Correct:  If I were a rich man, yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dybby dum …

There I’ve gotten* it off my chest!  Use the subjunctive form of the verb when the sentence of clause requires it.

*[“I’ve gotten” is American English, past participle form; British English is “I’ve got”, present tense; Old English is the same as modern American English and prefers “gotten;” Get it?]

Here is my offering of a little reward for suffering through this grammar lesson.  Teyve uses the correct form of the verb:

A Belated Merry Christmas From the Second Amendment

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She refused to be a victim.

Mitt Romney — Man of Constancy — or Flim Flam?

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These two videos are each under 1 minute.

On releasing his tax returns, yes.

On Whether he is a conservative, not so much.

He says he’s conservative when he thinks that’s what you’d like to hear, then says he’s a progressive if you might like that, or a moderate if he thinks that’s what you want.  Why doesn’t he just come clean and say he’s a RINO, and that he will sell you out no matter whether you are a conservative, a progressive, a moderate, and independent, or just about any other political persuasion ever thought of.  Well, he won’t say that but we already know that anyway.

He’s running for the nomination from the wrong party.  He’d really be more comfortable in the Democrat party but I guess that slot was already taken.

The first video was made by the Democrat National Committee and Democrats don’t have a tradition of releasing their tax returns.  Clinton never released his, not even as president, and the DNC never thought he was hiding anything.  Well, maybe they did but they weren’t going to say so because they didn’t care if he was.

Devastating Example of Global Warming Hype and Propaganda Passed Off as Journalism

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An interesting post at American meteorologist Anthony Watts’ climate change and global warming blog, Watt’s Up With That, points to a devastating example of not just media bias but actual false reporting and quote fabrication in an effort to turn a press release on the discovery of a hybrid shark by some marine biology researchers in Australia into a testament on climate change and global warming.  Watts appropriately and cleverly headlines his story as “Media 101- How To Jump a Shark.” Here’s the gist of it:

A group of scientists I presume to be marine biologists conducting research in waters off of Australia issued a press release that contained the following headline:

World’s first discovery of hybrid sharks off Australia’s east coast

The press release discussed how it is thought the hybrid sharks might have come about, and buried in the statement were these two sentences by Dr Jennifer Ovenden:

“Hybridisation could enable the sharks to adapt to environmental change as the smaller Australian black tip currently favours tropical waters in the north.

“While the larger common black tip is more abundant in sub-tropical and temperate waters along the south-eastern Australian coastline.”

The Christian Science Monitor promptly printed a story under this headline:

New Hybrid Sharks Discovered:  Signs of Global Warming?

The story then characterized Dr. Ovenden’s statement from the press release this way:

Ovenden speculated that the two species began mating in response to environmental change, as the hybrid blacktips are able to travel further south to cooler waters than the Australian blacktips. The team is looking into climate change and human fishing, among other potential triggers.

Nowhere in Dr. Ovenden’s statement or in the remainder of the press release do the words “global warming” or “climate change” appear.  Dr. Ovenden’s statement that hybridization could enable sharks to adapt to environmental change was morphed into a claim that she had speculated inter-species mating began in response to environmental change, that it was a sign of global warming, and an affirmative statement that the researchers are looking into climate change as a potential trigger for it.  The press release itself clearly shows that Dr. Ovenden said none of those things.

The Business Insider then tried to mischaracterize the substance of the press release that says nothing about climate change or global warming with this headline:

The World’s First Hybrid Shark is Another Scary Sign That Global Warming is Real

In the body of the story Reporter Dina Spector engages in quote fabrication and “jumps the shark” with these sentences purporting to be actual quotes by researcher Jess Morgan:

According to lead researcher Jess Morgan, the hybridization might be a sign that the animals are adapting to rising temperature levels as a result of climate change.

A reader who may have read the press release itself sent an email to Dr. Jessica Morgan asking her if the quote in the Business Insider story by Dina Spector was accurate and got this reply:

Quote not correct – I have now stated numerous times that it is extremely unlikely that climate change caused the hybridization event – however, the hybrid-Australian blacktips are now being seen further south of their known range (Australain blacktips have a tropical distribution) in cooler waters suggesting that the hybrids may have a wider temperature tolerance than their parents (ie the hybrids may be better adapted to handle changing water temperatures). That long statement is being condensed and printed as your quote below.

Headlines that exaggerate and distort, quote fabrication by journalists, it all leaves no doubt that much of what is passed off as journalism today is political propaganda, especially all the hooey on “global warming” and “climate change.”  Everything that happens anywhere is attributed to global warming or, because there may not be any actual warming going on, to “climate change.”   Distortions by headline writers have long been a way to slant, contort and twist the news.  They know it works because many people will never read beyond the headline.  It used to be if you read the story you’d find something in the story, probably at the very end, to reveal the headline as misleading.  Nowadays maybe not.  They just lie all the way through in case you read it all.  You have to go to the source itself now, in essence you have to do your own reporting,  to see how the “journalists” are brainwashing you.

Anthony Watts blog is heralded to be the world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change.  I’ve found it to be informative and helpful, and I trust it.

Guns Sales Set New Monthly Record in December, 2011

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Over 1,600,000 guns were sold in December, 2011. That number is based on the number of NICS (National Instant Background Check) performed by the FBI and state investigative units required for all gun sales sales by Federal Firearms Licensees, i.e, dealers (FFLs). It includes handguns, rifles and shotguns.  The number of NICS checks is not exact for the number of sales since about 3% of applicants are refused, but it also doesn’t account for those who purchase two guns at the same time on one NICS check, which is legal.

Some people I know are no doubt dismayed by the pace of gun sales in America, but I am heartened by it.  The more people who own guns and the more guns they own the harder it will be Obama and Holder and nanny Bloomberg and others like them to get their sticky mitts on our guns, which rumor holds to be in the plans if Obama wins a second term.  Rumors should ordinarily be discounted, but not rumors that a statist politician is planning sneaky ways to impose tyranny and oppression on citizens.

The chart was prepared by the National Shooting Sports Foundation from data supplied by the FBI.

These are all legal gun sales to law-abiding citizens. So where do criminals get guns? The National Center for Disease Control reported a long time ago that gun control laws are ineffective for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. That’s believable because in countries such as Great Britain and Australia which outright prohibit everyone from owning guns there is rampant crime by criminals using guns. Even in the Soviet Union the criminals had guns, even the ones who weren’t members of the politburo. In Jamaica and Mexico with very strict gun prohibition criminals often buy guns, or just rent them by the hour, from police officers. In Mexico the criminals are the cops themselves and deserters from the army who took their M-16 with them. There is also corruption in the Mexican Army that supplies criminals with guns. In short, there is just no place on earth, even within totalitarian regimes where criminals cannot obtain firearms with which to ply their trade. It’s almost a waste of time to ask where criminals get guns, they get them. In third world countries full auto AK-47s and 74s and their derivative are easily obtainable, which is not all bad because the term “criminal” in those countries applies to the government even more than to most of the population. Despite its illicit uses and the hatred of anti-gunners everywhere, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s rifle has also given peasants in the third world a fighting chance against despotism. Kalashnikov always insisted that resistance to tyranny is what motivated him. There is no doubt that his gun has been an important instrument in the fight for freedom around the world. See The Gun by C.J Chivers.

Many criminal guns in America start out as stolen in home and business burglaries, or guns that citizens lose due to carelessness or just fate. There may also be a large number of guns specifically aimed at the criminal market which start out as bulk sales by high placed illegal arms dealers, which is a large criminal enterprise that exists throughout the entire world. And then there is another source of criminal guns which goes largely unnoticed.

Those still convinced that gun control laws are necessary to reduce crime and keep guns from criminals should consider this thought experiment. There are only four possible scenarios in any society regarding guns:

1. Everyone has access to guns.
2. No one has access to guns, they simple don’t exist in that society.
3. Only non-criminals have guns.
4. Only criminals have guns.

That’s it. Those four possibilities exhaust the universe of the possible, at least by a priori knowledge . But on closer examination and empirical evidence, only two of those four are possible in the real world because the other two are either not possible or of such low probability as to be effectively impossible. Those are numbers 2 and 3. No society in modern times has ever completely ridded itself of guns, unless on a tiny atoll in the Pacific, and even that is doubtful. So number 2 should be stricken from the list. Likewise, no society in modern times has ever been able to keep guns from criminals so that only the good guys have them. Strike number 3 from the list. That leaves 1 and 4 as the only choices. Which would you choose?

Great Britain and Australia* have chosen number 4. It isn’t working out very well.

*There is extremely limited legal gun ownership in Australia, mostly in the outback and restricted to small rifles and shotguns for animal control and dispatching wounded domestic animals. Self defense is not considered a reason to own a gun. Only about 5% of Aussies in remote areas legally own guns and in cities the percentage is so small it can be rounded to zero. Hoplophobia is so strong in Australia the police are generally not allowed to take their firearms home with them when their shift ends. None of this has prevented or even reduced gun crime. Thus, the Aussies have effectively burdened themselves with option number 4.

Progressives Yearning for Energy Scarcity Haunted by the Specter of Energy Abundance

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It may seem odd that anyone would prefer scarcity of energy resources and the high prices that go with it, but followers of “Progressivism,” the new euphemism for socialism, want exactly that. George Will explains:

In 2011, for the first time in 62 years, America was a net exporter of petroleum products. For the indefinite future, a specter is haunting progressivism, the specter of abundance. Because progressivism exists to justify a few people bossing around most people and because progressives believe that only government’s energy should flow unimpeded, they crave energy scarcities as an excuse for rationing — by them — that produces ever-more-minute government supervision of Americans’ behavior.

Imagine what a horror 2011 was for progressives as Americans began to comprehend their stunning abundance of fossil fuels — beyond their two centuries’ supply of coal. Progressives responded with attempts to impede development of the vast, proven reserves of natural gas and oil here and in Canada. They bent the willowy Obama to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline to carry oil from Canadian tar sands; they raised environmental objections to new techniques for extracting gas and “tight” oil from shale formations.

Environmentalism is the greatest ruse ever found for getting people to voluntarily give up freedom, prosperity, and independence. The Nazis and Communists used violence and death to force on people what Progressives have been successful in getting millions of people to do to themselves. As the totalitarian movements in the twentieth century spread destruction and despair, the Green movement would very much like to do the same if that will put them “in control of every living soul” as Leonard Cohen describes in The Future, It is Murder. The evil then and now is different but in the long run can be about equal in its power to spread darkness in the world.

The Debt Star

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US Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP


Darth Obama’s Debt Star

Big government is too expensive and those who have to pay for it never get their money’s worth.

A Positive Campaign Ad

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This is an example of a positive campaign ad, about as good as I’ve seen.  A positive approach is when the candidate tells you what is good about him (or her) and not what is bad about everyone else.  This is not to say negative campaigning will or should ever stop.  It won’t for one simple reason:  It works.  People say with their mouths that they hate negative campaigning, but they don’t say that with their votes.   Negative ads get votes so negative campaigns will always be with us.  That’s not to say that merely being negative is enough.  One must also hit the right notes.  Michelle Bachmann found that out when she released Ed Rollins to attack Sarah Palin and it backfired on her.  But it’s still true that in politics the cliche about nice guys finishing last is as true at it can ever be.  It’s good to see a positive campaign ad like this once in a while.

As The Ball Fell In Times Square The Ethanol Subsidy Died A Well-Deserved Death

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Congress adjourned this month without extending the $6 billion annual tax subsidy for blending corn ethanol into gasoline and the steep import tariffs on the industry’s foreign competitors. 


I can’t figure out whether the ethanol mandate also died.  If not, it’s going to be weird to have a mandate that ethanol be blended into gasoline but no subsidy because the stuff wasn’t very economical to make even with the subsidy.  While ethanol plants were going bankrupt more and more ethanol was being produced, so much that the U.S. was actually exporting the stuff.  When government runs something these sorts of anomalies are to be expected. I would think that without the subsidy production will dry up, but if the government is still forcing it to be blended into gasoline it’s going to get interesting,  Gasoline shortages because refineries aren’t allowed to produced gasoline that doesn’t contain ethanol, but there is no ethanol?

This one can’t be blamed on Obama.  We have George W. Bush to thank for the ethanol boondoggle.

You can get gasoline for your small engines that does not contain ethanol.  Check this out.

Is There A Difference Between Journalism and Propaganda?

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Anyone paying attention has known for sometime that many  of the most dramatic photos of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are staged by the photographers and the subjects.

Resveratrol and Red Wine

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It’s the hot new health fad — red wine because of its resveratrol content.  From the Toronto Sun:

Red is wine is unique because of its content of resveratrol, a phytochemical compound found almost exclusively in the skin of grapes. Numerous studies have shown that these compounds are capable of influencing many activities that affect the development of chronic illnesses. In addition to the well-documented benefits of resveratrol on the levels of cholesterol and proper blood circulation, two important factors needed to prevent heart disease, two recent studies have illustrated the huge health potential that this compound has. One study showed that resveratrol has anti-cancer abilities by blocking the growth of tumour cells in the mammary glands; as well, the compound can act on the metabolism to counter the negative effects of being sedentary on the development of insulin resistance.

Further on the researchers reveal other health benefits they’ve discovered…

Italian researchers observed that …


In another area of research, French researchers looked at …

Let’s see, France and Italy export lots of red wine….

Is there anything resveratrol can’t do?  Just asking.

Read the whole thing.

Attention Armed Robbers: Circle K Welcomes You, Come On In!

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Based on this story in the news today, I imagine a press release from Circle K convenience stores to go something like this:

Circle K today took action after a clerk in one of our stores over-reacted when an armed robber threatened to shoot him. Our clerk slammed the robber to the ground and took her gun away from her. This was unacceptable and we immediately terminated the clerk’s employment. Our company policy is not to provoke, chase or engage a robber. Circle K understands that you need safe working conditions, so we are not going to allow anyone to interfere with you as you go about your business, that is the business of robbing us even if that includes threatening, beating or even trying to kill our store clerks. In fact, if any store clerk tries to interfere with you in any way just because you threaten to shoot him, just contact management and disciplinary action, i.e., firing the offending clerk, will be taken immediately. Now if you aren’t comfortable calling up and telling us how you were mistreated in one of our stores, maybe because you think the cops are out looking for you, not to worry. When we review the security camera tape and see our store clerk saving his life by slamming you to the ground and taking your gun away from you, we’ll go all proactive and we’ll fire that sucker on the spot. We’re not going to tolerate violence of any kind in our stores done to you in the criminal trade. We understand that your job has enough challenges without having to fight off any heroic store clerks trying to stop you from shooting them.

We don’t want these cowboys working in our stores, and we know you don’t either. Your safety is our concern.

Y’all come back now, ya hear!

Circle K management: I grant you permission to use the above with or without attribution.

The Year the Wheels Fell Off

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Jed Babbin at the American Spectator recounts the steady stream of political knavery, green graft and governmental stupidity of 2011: The Year The Wheels Fell Off.

I liked them all, especially this one:

“An enterprising BBC reporter — seeking to prove the practicality of electric cars — drove from London to Edinburgh. The journey took four days — longer than a horse-drawn stage would have taken for the trip 150 years ago — including nine stops of up to ten hours.”

There are a lot more, follow the link above.

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