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What “Deem to Pass” Really Means

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, March 19, 2010, 9: 15 AM

We have been told that many of the dirty deals that were made by Harry Reid to get wavering Senators to vote for the Senate version of Government medicine back on Christmas Eve will be stripped out of it in the House vote that is scheduled for Sunday. Of course, a whole new set of tricks, gimmicks and special favors have been inserted but that won’t much matter. The fraudulent scheme of “Deem to Pass” is going to enshrine the previous chicanery and drop the most recent onto the cutting room floor. Jeffrey Anderson in The Weekly Standard explains how:

    When the House votes on Obamacare, probably this weekend, it will do the following: Most likely all in one motion, it will vote on whether to pass the Senate bill — or, more likely, on whether to “deem” it passed — and on additional language. Should the House pass the Senate bill, it would be enacted the second that it went to the president and his pen touched the page. At that point, the “Cornhusker Kickback,” the “Louisiana Purchase,” “Gator Aid,” and all the rest, would become the law of the land. The additional language would be passed on to the Senate. The new CBO score is for the whole ball of wax — for the Senate bill, which would immediately become law, plus the new language, which wouldn’t. Clear as mud?

Why, you say, don’t they just vote on the Senate Bill? They know what’s going to happen. The Senate Bill is going to become law, and the so-called reconciliation bill that makes changes in the Senate Bill is not going to become law. This whole scheme is simply to give cover to House Democrats so they can tell their constituents they never voted for the Senate Bill, they voted for the reconciliation bill. They must think their voters and constituents who by all the polls really, really don’t want Obamacare are going to be fooled by this. They must think their constituents won’t know that their procedural trick is blatantly unconstitutional. Or they might think that November is far enough away that voters will forget all this by then.

Fat chance.

Here is an example of just how fraudulent this whole mess is. They have stuffed all sorts of gimmicks into the reconciliation bill to get a CBO score of under One Trillion Dollars. And that means the CBO score that will form the basis for the vote on Sunday is a fictitious number.

Jeffery Anderson in the Weekly Standard makes the case that the real cost of Obamacare over the first ten years will be at least $2 Trillion, not the $940 Billion that Nancy Pelosi is touting to get votes.

See also, CBO Credibility The First Victim of Obamacare,


The Deem-o-crats’ Towering Deception.

This video of Paul Ryan on Larry Kudlow is reveals even more:

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