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Demon Pass No More

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, March 20, 2010, 6: 02 PM

So Pelosi now says she won’t use the Slaughter House Strategy of trying to pass the Senate Bill without an actual vote. Well, good. Why did we have to go through all that gnashing of teeth then? The Blog world got a lot of good posts out of it anyway.

So what does this mean? Deem and Pass was only going to be used because the Senate Bill is hated by many House members and Pelosi concluded she could not get the votes unless she could offer some subterfuge for it to be “deemed” passed but with members still able to claim to their constituents that they only voted for the amendments but not the actual Senate Bill. So does this mean that she now has the votes to pass the Senate Bill on a straight up or down vote? Who Knows.

It could also mean that too many Americans were on to the game, and found it disgusting. I mean, if you tell your voters you never voted for the Senate Bill they might ask you how it become a law?

It could also mean that she has cut a deal with Bart Stupak to vote for the Senate Bill with some amendments. But then the Senate Bill would not be passed without amendment, meaning it could not go to Obama immediately but would have to go back to the Senate for an additional vote, and “reconciliation” would not work because the Stupak amendment is not a budget item. Meaning the Republicans would, since the election of Scott Brown, have the votes to stop it.

It could be something else, probably some new outrage that would surprise us if anything could surprise us anymore. We’ll know if they call the vote tomorrow (or tonight?). If they call the vote, that means they have the votes. It they don’t have the votes they won’t call it.

UPDATE: We now know the real reason was to avoid a court challenge on Constitutional grounds. Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.) said he would not vote for the bill if the “deem and pass” rule was used. This shows two things: They knew all along that Slaughter was unconstitutional and they didn’t care until one of their members threatened to change his vote; and the vote is so tight they could not afford to lose even one.

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