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Wake Up Call for The Millennials

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, March 22, 2010, 9: 18 AM

Those born in 1983 or after (the “Millennials”) voted heavily for Obama. They also make up a large portion of Americans without health insurance. Add in those after 1975 and you have probably the largest group of uninsured. It isn’t that they can’t get insurance. Most can easily get it from their employer or buy it individually, and at reasonable rates since they are young, and most are healthy. They are uninsured by their own choice. They don’t buy it because they don’t think they will need it and would rather spend the money on something else.

Now they will go to jail if they don’t buy it. The IRS will make sure. Obama plans to hire 16,500 new IRS agents to enforce the insurance mandate which is part of the government-run health system that was jammed down our throats yesterday. The Millennials won’t find their premiums to be as low as before because under Obamacare they will be paying for all the people who aren’t as healthy as they are. The salaries and expenses of all those new IRS agents also will have to be covered as part of the cost of Obamacare.

But wait, Obamacare is supposed to cut health care costs. Say what? How can inserting a massive new bureaucracy as middleman in the health care system possibly reduce costs? Don’t big bureaucracies cost a lot of money to maintain? They do. And this one will be a money pit. All to be paid for by new taxes that will divert billions of dollars to the new bureaucracy. These dollars are, as are all taxes, to be sucked out of the private sector. Therefore they represent dollars no longer available to pay for genuine health care. Of course, they will be counted as health care expenditures because the new bureaucracy is going to be the new hungry beast in the system.

How’s all that hope and change working out for you millennials? How’s it working out for the rest of us?

Not so well for seniors. They are about to lose the best part of Medicare. That would be Medicare part D, known as Medicare Advantage. This is a program that allows seniors to supplement their Medicare with a private insurance plan that pays for certain care and procedures not covered by Medicare, and turns over the administration of their medicare to a private insurance company approved by the government. It’s no surprise that these private companies are a lot more efficient in administering Medicare payments to doctors than government bureaucrats are, and it should be no surprise that seniors who have signed up for the Medicare Advantage program like it. It appears their doctors like is as well, and seniors covered by Medicare Advantage have more doctor choices available to them. They are going to hate losing it, but that is what happens under Obamacare. Hey, the idea is to put private insurance out of business so liberals can move us to a single payor system as soon as possible. Can’t have an efficient system that people love getting in the way of “progress.”

Eight Hundred thousand seniors in Florida are going to be protected from losing their Medicare Advantage by the special deal given to Florida Senator Bill Nelson for his vote for Obamacare in the Senate on Christmas eve. That remains part of the Senate Bill jammed through the House yesterday. This “Gator-Aid” prevents 800,000 South Florida seniors from losing their Medicare Advantage while seniors in the rest of the country will lose theirs. Hope and change, you know.

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