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Obama Zombies — How Team Obama Brainwashed A Generation

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obama zombies

Norman Podhoretz in his book Ex Friends tells of a Saturday night soiree in Greenwich Village in 1958 with Beat Generation figures Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, the latter having been a former friend from Columbia. Podhoretz had critically reviewed Ginsberg’s poetry, writing and public exclamations and over a dinner of sorts Ginsberg did all the talking, most of it at high volume. It was on this occasion that Ginsberg made his famous declaration to Podhoretz, “We will get you through your children.”

For a while it seemed that Ginsberg’s prediction was turning out to be true. As the beat generation of the 1950’s morphed itself into the counter-culture of the 1960’s Podhoretz writes that the seductively tantalizing promise of freedom from the responsibilities and constraints of a normal adult life was making its mark on a generation:

    As the 1960’s wore on, I came more and more to see all this as a new kind of plague, and when in the late 1970’s I wrote a book about my break with radicalism, I ended with a lament for the victims it had claimed among the “especially vulnerable” young. They had, I said, been inoculated against almost every one of the physical diseases which in times past had literally made it impossible for so many to reach adulthood. But against a spiritual plague like this one they were entirely helpless.

As for Ginsberg himself, he:

    …went to his death [in 1997] still preaching the same false and pernicious ideas about life in America with which he burst on the scene in the 1950s and which spread “like trench mouth” through American culture in the 1960s.

By 1999, however, Podhoretz was able to write,

    Fortunately, these ideas were not by the time [Ginsberg] died especially fashionable among the middle-class young. And yet there was enough resemblance between the situation at the turn of the century and the cultural climate of the 1960s to fear that his siren song might yet find its insidious way into the ears of yet another generation of restless kids, misleading and corrupting them as it did so many of their forbears in the all-too-recent past.

Podhoretz could not have predicted in 1999 that a new form of plague upon the minds of a new generation, strangely called the “millennials,” was in the making by a member of the generation immediately preceding, and working as a “community organizer” in Chicago. A new epidemic of false knowledge was being prepared for the millennial generation that was not yet old enough to vote. By 2008 they were in their mid-twenties, in college or graduate school, and ready for having their minds bent and twisted by the elixir he was busily preparing for them.

This new seducer is much better organized and effective than the beats and counter-culture drop outs at attracting young followers. It is not sex, drugs and rock and roll that has captured the imagination of the millennials, but rather a slick campaign of falsehoods presented and packaged through the internet and smooth speechifying. It has turned them into zombies. Obama zombies who have been lobotomized by sappy, hyperemotional liberalism.

Author Jason Mattera, himself one of the so-called millennials at age 25, writes in the introduction of his first published book, Obama Zombies — How The Liberal Machine Brain Washed My Generation,

    Young people, in their heart of hearts, actually believed that a scrawny street-agitator turned presidential candidate could save mankind, renew our faith in American politics and restore our faith in government. A message of false inspiration in bureaucracy — not in individual freedom and initiative — that churned out a generation of Zombies. And it was a message that was a heat-seeking missile aimed at otherwise clear-thinking individuals who come from the most coddled, over protected, information-drenched generation in American history. We are the “give me, give me, give me” generation. And team Obama and his marketing mavens knew every button to push to program us, to set us up like an iTunes playlist.

Mattera says, “To the true Obama zealots, this book is an act of heresy. It seeks to shatter the media-created halo that radiates from Obama’s anointed head.” Erik Erickson says Mattera has “a good take on how the liberal machine has lobotomized a generation.”

This millennial generation is not a lost generation if Mr. Mattera is representative of at least some of them. I found it refreshing, informative and well written. It’s a good read for conservatives striving to understand what has happened to these young people, and where it might go from here.

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