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High Speed Internet — (Not Free)

Posted in Uncategorized by TeeJaw on Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 9: 26 PM

I’m in one of those expensive hotels that has high speed internet — for an additional fee. Only its not high speed. Old fashioned dial-up modems were faster. This is not an aberration. I haven’t found a hotel at any price that lives up to anything near the “high speed” internet they all claim to have.

So trying to write what I have to say is not really possible when I can only get down a half a thought before the thing goes down again.

I’ll be back in another day, after I find an internet connection that works. Maybe this sort of thing is meant to prepare me for the Obama future, after net neutrality or universal internet or Obamanet or whatever it will be called is imposed upon us.


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