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Conservatives Expected to Win In Britain

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, April 8, 2010, 11: 07 AM

Tories are offering tax cuts (assuming they can be trusted which is always doubtful) and Labour offers tax increases (you can trust them on this). So, is it really that hard for voters to be informed, as some libertarians in this the U.S. claim? Labour is a lead pipe cinch for tax increases, Tories might lighten the tax load. Since all the other parties want to enslave the entire population of Great Britain in chains, the choice should be easy for even the dumbest voter.

Looks like Tories are the favorite. The election is May 6th.

The Tories are blue in this map, Labour in Red, which is appropriate. (I’ve never understood why the Republicans ever allowed themselves to be colored red and Democrats blue, it turns the world upside down) Click Map to Enlarge:

If the Tories do gain a majority in Parliament David Cameron will be prime minister. Gordon Brown vows to serve his full term, insists he’s fighting for five more years as prime minister. We’ll find out soon if the British people are nuts enough to give it to him.

Daniel Hannan says The Time For Redress is Now Approaching:

    Pause for a moment to consider the miracle that is unfolding. We live in a country where power can be transferred peacefully, good-naturedly and by agreement. It seems unlikely that any candidate will be murdered during the campaign, or that the leaders of the defeated party will be imprisoned or exiled. If, as I hope, Gordon Brown loses his majority on 6 May, he will be politely applauded out of Downing Street by civil servants who, moments later, will applaud his successor. We are fortunate indeed to live in such a nation and such an era.
    Heaven knows British democracy has its flaws. We are largely administered by a standing quangocracy [“quango” means “Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization”, TJ], a nomenklatura [favored elites hold all important government posts by appointment, TJ] immune to the ballot box; the executive has overwhelmed the legislature; MPs are abject; the ballot box has been devalued. But these are remediable grievances. It is in our power can vote for candidates who would decentralise and democratise power, rather than those who want to be (in Gordon Brown’s phrase) “bolder about state intervention”.

    Let me leave you with these splendidly apposite words, adressed to the Electors of Great Britain more than two centuries ago by the Swiss-born Jacobin, Jean-Paul Marat:

    Gentlemen, the present Parliament must soon expire; and no dissolution was ever more earnestly wished for by an injured people. Your most sacred rights have been flagrantly violated by your representatives, your remonstrances artfully rejected, yourselves treated like a handful of disaffected persons, and your complaints silenced by pursuing the same conduct which raised them. Such is your condition, and if such it continues the little liberty which is yet left you must soon be extinguished; but the time for redress is now approaching, and it is in your power to obtain that justice you have so many times craved in vain.

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  1. One Hand Clapping said, on Thursday, April 8, 2010, 11: 30 AM at 11:30 AM

    Since we will be traveling in Great Britain during this election, we appreciate the coverage, Ken.

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