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Those Who Specialize in Creating Chaos Out of Order

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, April 9, 2010, 9: 39 AM

In most small towns in America there will invariably be one or two families that the cops know as an ongoing source of trouble. Generation after generation they produce sons and daughters that seem to always be involved in drug and alcohol abuse and all sorts of crime large and small. Some of their members will likely be serving time in prison while most of the others will be having regular contact with the police for one reason or other. Over time the residents and their police force learn to deal with that element and keep them in some semblance of check.

The situation in larger cities is a little different but in certain neighborhoods where crime is most prevalent there will usually be a relatively small percentage of the local populace that is responsible for most of the criminal conduct.

More than forty years ago I was a route salesman for a bread company, i.e., I was a truck driver who delivered bread to businesses. For a time my route was in one of the most crime ridden areas of the city. I got to know many of the small business people in that neighborhood and learned that they were resourceful, creative and intelligent. They simply had to be in order to survive and make a living. [My largest customer sold pig-ear sandwiches out of a kiosk for 15 cents apiece and apparently did quite well because he bought 80 loaves of white bread a day and never failed to pay his bill at the end of the month]

Most of the residents of that area were employed in some capacity. There were not great numbers on welfare because the Great Society’s “War on Poverty” that ruined so many lives in America’s inner city neighborhoods was not yet in full swing.

The honest and hard working people that I got to know lived by their wits to keep from being ruined by the minority of young men who would prey upon them given half a chance. Just as in America’s smaller towns, all the cops and all the business people knew who the hooligans were, and knew exactly what to expect of them. The cops worked hard to take their guns and knives away from them, and the business people devised various methods of coping with them and keeping them at bay most of the time. Looking back on this situation it is quite amazing how stable things were in these neighborhoods given the potential for violence and disruption of all kinds. The honest working people did not exactly thrive but nor did they have to live under the ghoulish conditions that now exist. And there was mobility. Not everyone of them was stuck there for life.

Then along came an army of do-gooder bureaucrats with plans to eliminate all social ills and remake society in their image. The result was disastrous. The result was Detroit, East St. Louis, South Central L.A., and other inner-city neighborhoods that once were stable and vibrant centers of life now reduced to ruin. Where once existed order that had been created by those who knew best how to do it, i.e,. the very people who were forced to deal with it directly and daily because they lived there, now were thrust into chaos, street drugs, crime, fatherless children, and general hopelessness.

We can see the beginning of something similar happening on a much larger scale today. We have a president and his administration that wants to turn the world upside down and remake American foreign policy into something the fits his radical vision of world politics. The nuclear strategy that has kept America and the West out of a major war for 60 years is about to be tossed aside and in its place a new program of appeasement of some of the worst and most dangerous thug governments on the planet.

This week Obama signed a treaty with Russia to tear down our missile defense system while Russia contemplates one of its own. He is essentially trading away our shield from nuclear attack to help a potentially dangerous enemy gain the ability to unleash aggression on its neighbors without worry that the United States will interfere. Obama and Hillary Clinton call this hitting the reset button on the relationship with Russia. Never mind that the stability of that relationship has protected Americans from nuclear war for over 60 years.

Having destroyed so much in their own country it’s now time for the radical left to go to work on the world.

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