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2010 Annual Survey Of American Jewish Opinion

Posted in Culture, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, April 10, 2010, 9: 12 AM

The American Jewish Committee has released its 2010 Annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion.

The results are astounding, unless you understand just how stuck American Jews are in the Democrat party and how liberal they are. American Jews support Obama’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations 55% to 37%. Given Obama’s clear disdain for Israel, this is a curious result.

I don’t know what more Obama could do to convince anyone that he dislikes Israel and Jews in general. I said here that I think the evidence is sufficient to conclude that Obama’s animus comes closer to hatred than the more politically correct “dislike.” He would not go out of his way to show his feelings toward Israel if he merely disliked the idea of a Jewish state. He would not be pushing for a Palestinian state before the Palestinian people convincingly denounce terrorism if he merely disliked the idea of Israel’s existence. He would not shrug off the declared intentions of the Iranian Mullahs to destroy Israel in a nuclear holocaust if he merely disliked Israel. Even if he would not mind seeing Israel destroyed he would not shrug off the potential for a nuclear conflagration in the Middle East unless his feelings toward Israel were not a lot stronger than mere disdain.

Obama’s attitude toward Israel is best characterized, I believe, by the rantings of wrong Reverend Jeremiah Wright, to which Obama listened and presumably agreed with for 20 years. Wright has called the existence of Israel ”a monstrous crime,” and has reprinted and circulated among his church members scurrilous anti-Jewish propaganda.

Nevertheless, in response to question 4 of the survey, “Do you approve or disapprove of the Obama Administration’s handling of U.S.-Israel relations?”, 55% of American Jews say they approve:

I offer a short quiz on the explanation for this curious phenomenon:

Which of the following best explains the majority support by American Jews for Obama’s handling of U.S./Israeli relations?

A. American Jews are liberal Democrats first and Jews second.
B. American Jews do not care all that much about Israel.
C. American Jews don’t read the news.
D. The results dispel the myth of superior Jewish intelligence.
E. All of the above.

It would be nice if the poll is just wrong, but that’s doubtful. On the more hopeful side, 37% of American Jews have not lost their minds. 37% of American Jews have decided they will not be Obama’s useful idiots. The remaining 8% are still thinking about it.

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