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Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, 8: 52 AM

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The only way to understand the illegal immigration debate is to remember that Democrats see every illegal from Mexico as a potential vote for Democrats (so long as they can prevent any requirement for presenting identification to vote); Some very strange Republicans see illegals as potential votes for Republicans which just shows how blockhead stupid some Republicans can be; and while strict libertarians couldn’t care less about votes (some libertarians brag about not voting on principle), completely open borders is an important aspect of their dystopian vision of world disorder (where, ironically, liberty will not exist).

How much difference can the illegal vote make for Democrats? It is widely believed that Loretta Sanchez defeated Republican Bob Dornan for a 1996 U.S. House race in California with over 4,000 illegal votes. So long as the illegal vote can make a difference in a close race Democrats will fight hard to keep the illegal flow over the border going strong and to prevent any efforts to require illegals already here to show identification at any time.

If by the strangest of imaginable phenomenon illegals from Mexico voted for Republicans instead of Democrats we would see Democrats loading them on trains and buses to ship them back to Mexico so fast you’d never know they had ever been here.

Meanwhile, the Mexican drug lords continue to lap up the benefits of our broken border security.

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