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Why The Chosen People Chose Obama

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, May 20, 2010, 9: 35 AM

Why The Chosen People Chose Obama is the best explanation I’ve seen on why 78% of American Jews voted for Obama, and the very real difference between liberal Jews and leftist Jews. The former are…well, naive is the charitable way to put it. The latter are downright scary. Liberal Jews are shell shocked by what they have seen Obama do since the election. Leftist jews are ecstatic. Liberal Jews voted for Obama because they didn’t believe he was really a radical. Leftist Jews voted for Obama because they did believe he was a radical. Liberal Jews support and love the State of Israel and didn’t believe Obama’s ties to anti-semitism. Leftist Jews hate Israel, blame it and the United States for all of trouble in the world, and would not mind at all if Israel were destroyed (that’s why they’re scary). Liberal Jews are proud of their Jewish heritage, leftist Jews despise their Jewish heritage and all things Judaism.

Before reading this article I was not really aware that I have known representatives from both camps and was lumping them together. I see the difference more clearly now. I understand why I am still friends, although frustrated, with most of the liberal Jews I have known but have lost all contact with the leftist ones. Thanks, Robin.

Read it all.

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