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Sink Hole in Guatemala

Posted in Uncategorized by TeeJaw on Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 9: 02 AM

This is truly a monster. It’s supposed to be 20 meters deep and 15 meters across. If it’s cylindrical in shape it’s volume is almost 100,000 cubic feet or about 11,000 yards (πr² x H ) and if it’s shaped like a cone it’s volume is one-third of that (1/3πr² x H).

It’s supposed to have swallowed a 3-story building, and was caused by overstressed sewer pipes due to heavy rains. Apparently other sink holes are expected to develop.

This is real nightmare stuff. You’re walking along a sidewalk or sitting in a chair inside a building and the ground swallows you up. Don’t know if that happened to anyone.

I was driving along a unimproved dirt road in a remote area in my Jeep a few years ago and stopped because the road looked funny ahead but I couldn’t see what it was that was bothering me. When I got out and walked forward to the top of a rise I saw that about ten feet of the road was washed out leaving a 10-foot drop off. The rise in the road had obscured the washout until the last moment. It was nothing more than a weird feeling that saved me from disaster.

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