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Gun control laws have one purpose and that is to disarm citizens. It is only law-abiding citizens who are disarmed by such laws because criminals, by definition, are not law abiding and therefor do not comply with such laws. This is not just an American phenomenon, it is a worldwide phenomenon. Always and everywhere gun control laws are intended to do just what they do, disarm some citizens while leaving other citizens fully armed.

A result produced by a law can be said to be “intended” by that law’s proponents whether it is actually and consciously intended by them or whether it is merely known by them to be a virtual certainty. When action A is known to produce result B, no further inquiry is required before concluding that the proponents of A must have intended for B to happen. If result B would be undesirable to most people it is to be expected that the proponents of action A are not going to speak publicly about their desire for result B.

If the major sponsor of strict gun control laws in a major city, including confiscation of existing guns in the hands of citizens, is a city councilman who is found to be a “made member” of organized crime, might it be assumed that his purpose is to make his city safer for his criminal enterprise to operate without fear of citizen resistance? Yes, of course it is, especially when his criminal gang’s main method of operation is the shakedown of legitimate business through violence and intimidation.

Think of what this means. A criminal gang wants to extort money from pizza parlors and mom and pop dry cleaning establishments by threatening to break their arms or kill them if they don’t pay up. They don’t want these businesses to be able to resist, especially with firearms. They don’t want to have to follow through on their threats of violence if they can get their victims to just pay up and not complain. What better way than to first assure that their targets have no guns, and what better way to achieve that goal than to have the local police force arrest and prosecute those who fail to rid themselves of their guns. It’s perfect.

Well, it was until a couple of things went wrong. First, Chicago Alderman Fred Roti was declared by the Justice Department in August, 1999 to be a “made member” of the Chicago mob. Alderman Roti never denied the Justice Department’s finding before he died just a few week later in September, 1999. It was Alderman Roti who was the de facto iron-fist ruler of the Chicago City Council for decades and was the force that created the Chicago gun ban in 1982.

Next there was a successful Federal prosecution of several members of the Chicago mob (known popularly as “the Outfit”) in the summer of 2007 that exposed as facts much of what most people in Chicago probably already believed. This was referred to as the “Family Secrets” case and is detailed in the book by Chicago Tribune reporter Jeff Coen titled Family Secrets: The Case That Crippled The Chicago Mob.

Now there is a case pending in the United States Supreme Court, McDonald v. Chicago, that many predict will hold the Chicago gun ban in violation of the Second Amendment. Mayor Richard Daley fervently opposes that possible result. When Alderman Roti died in 1999 Hizzoner presented the following resolution to the Chicago City Council which adopted it forthwith:

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti passed away on Monday,September 20,1999,at the age of seventy-eight;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti,one of eleven children,the son of southern Italian immigrants,was born in an apartment over a store in Chinatown,the near south die neighborhood where he spent his whole life;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti spent more than fifty years in government service,the jobs ranging form state senator to city drain inspector to a post at the city morgue;and

WHEREAS,In 1968 Fred B. Roti was elected alderman of Chicago’s great 1st Ward;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti loved his work as alderman,and he counseled mayors,encouraged downtown development,helped shape the Chicago skyline and served the citizens of the 1st Ward ably and with vigor until 1991;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti’s talents,hard work and friendly,humorous manner earned him the respect and affection of former colleagues,constitutients,citizens and the press;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti is remembered as a kind,considerate person,who had great love for his family and community;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti is survived by his loving son,Bruno;his loving daughters,Rose Mary Marasso and Mary Ann Walz;and his two sisters;and

WHEREAS,Fred B. Roti was much loved by his six grandchildren;and

WHEREAS,Fred B.Roti, a committed public servant, a cherished friend of many and good neighbor to all,will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by his many family members,friends and associates;now therefore,

Be it Resolved,That we ,the Mayor and members of the City Council of the City of Chicago,assembled this twenty-ninth day of September,1999,do hereby extend to the family of the late Fred B. Roti our deepest condolences and most heartfelt sympathies upon their loss;and

Be it Further Resolved,That a suitable copy of this resolution be presented to the family of the late Fred B. Roti as a sign of our sympathy and good wishes.

The Chicago Way.

The following sources are highly recommended:

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