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Will We Lose The Right To Control The Most Personal Parts of Our Lives?

Posted in Culture, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, July 1, 2010, 10: 54 AM

The chief difference between left and right is that the left wants to control the most personal of decisions in the lives of others. The right wants to leave individuals free to make their own choices in most things.

Thus the left has legislated how much water pressure we can have in out shower, what kind of toilet we can have, and in the next year or so what kind of light bulb we can buy. The war against American’s favorite automobile, the SUV, has been going on for several years, mainly on the left. It is a leftist impulse that we must buy ethanol even though there is no reason for the stuff to even exist. The war against Big Macs is now underway. The EPA is going to regulate the CO2 we exhale every time we take a breath. The want to regulate a farmer’s cows out in the field when they pass gas (Why did they forget horses, a bigger problem I can testify).

William Buckley’s definition of a liberal from forty years ago as someone who wants to reach into your shower and adjust the water temperature is looking like one of the most prescient predictions of all time.

Now in the Elena Kagan hearings we see that a Supreme Court nominee is not willing to say that the U.S. Supreme Court does not have the power to tell us what we can eat. Is it possible, that nine lawyers in black robes could dictate out dinner menu? If she can’t bring herself to say the Federal Government does not have the power under our system of federalism to tell anyone what they can eat, couldn’t she just say, “No, that is not the function of the Court”? (1) Is there no place leftists will not go, no extreme to which they will not happily jump?

To paraphrase Joseph Welch, “At long last liberals, have you no decency?”

(1) I wonder if she knows that the Constitution establishes a system of federalism, and that the Federal government is not a complete sovereign but is a government of limited and enumerated powers? I guess she knows the one thing about the Constitution that she likes, namely, that former Justices of the Supreme Court have blatantly usurped the commerce clause into granting near unlimited powers to the Federal government, against all original understanding of the founding fathers.

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