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Obama Recess Appoints A True Socialist To Head Medicaid and Medicare

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, July 10, 2010, 10: 18 AM

We know why Obama made a recess appointment of Donald Berwick to head the center of Medicaid and Medicare services. Obama didn’t want Berwick to have to answer the sort of tough questions those few brave Republicans in the Senate would have asked him. He’s a socialist who doesn’t believe the free market has any place in healthcare, that letting us choose our doctor and what care we are willing to pay for, either directly or with insurance, cannot be allowed.

I studied hospital administration briefly at the University of Colorado in the early seventies, before I decided to go to law school. The professors I had probably could not get a university position today because they advanced the idea that the only way to control health care costs was to allow the free market to determine costs. They showed that patients making their own choices about health care and insurance would be the most efficient system for delivery of health care, while also improving the quality of care. They predicted that the then newly enacted Medicare program would explode costs, lead to a declining quality of care, and eventually eat up an enormous portion of the federal budget.

Everything they predicted about central planning in health care has come to pass. But we now have a president who constantly talks about “the failed policies of the past” while doubling down on the failed policies of the past.

In a new poll of likely voters, 55% say “socialist” is an accurate description of Barack Obama.

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  1. Obamacare’s Political Future « TeeJaw Blog said, on Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 10: 33 AM at 10:33 AM

    […] It’s not just medicare patients that are going to get a royal screwing by Obamacare. Most working-age Americans are currently in employer-provided health plans and they are about to get slammed by Obamacare also. Obama promised, endlessly it seemed, that nothing in his health care plan would upset existing arrangements. Who can count how many times he told us that if we liked a current plan we could keep it. What he neglected to mention is that Obamacare sets up a perverse array of incentives that are likely to set in motion a series of event that will lead to many if not most employers dropping their present group plans and dumping their employees into the government plan. This result is not unintended. That double negative cancels and means it was and is fully intended by the those benevolent dictators in Washington who claim to care so much about our welfare. Remember, Obamacare was driven by ideology, not beneficence. Democrats have long hated private insurance and they have always aimed to destroy it. Anyone having a hard time believing that should listen to the words of Donald Berwick, Obama new medicare director, that was sneaked into position by a recess appointment in order to avoid having to answer tough questions in a Senate confirmation hearing. It is available here. […]

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