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Colorado Democrats Giving Unemployment Benefits to Illegal Aliens?

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, August 6, 2010, 7: 47 AM

In 2006 the Colorado legislature made it illegal for anyone illegally in the United States to receive Colorado unemployment benefits, but since 2006 Colorado has been firmly in the grip of Democrats who see illegal aliens as potential Democrat voters. So it appears that a software program used by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to cull illegal aliens from the applicant list was suspended a year and a half ago. Don Mares, the Director of that agency claims the software program was suspended because it was tying up their phone lines and people trying to call their office were having a hard time getting through. That sounds like a lame excuse (since when does a government agency give a rat’s rear end how tough it is for callers to get through the phone system?). Besides, in the last year and a half it appears Mr. Mares has made no effort whatsoever to get the system fixed so that the software can be placed back in use.

This story from local 9 News in Denver is amazingly well reported and balanced, something not seen that often in the sanctuary city of Denver:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Look folks, this is easy to understand. Democrats know they’ve alienated so many American citizens they might never win another election with the legal vote alone. They need the illegal vote or they’re finished. They will do whatever is necessary to get as many illegal immigrants into our borders as possible so ACORN can round them up on election day and bus them to the polls. That’s also why Democrats fight every effort to require voters to present ID at the voting booth. So is it believable they are taxing Americans citizens to give benefits to illegals? The question answers itself.

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  1. TetonBill said, on Saturday, August 7, 2010, 8: 36 AM at 8:36 AM

    I don’t understand your statement that ACORN will “round [illegal aliens] up on election day and bus them to the polls”. I was under the impression that illegal aliens may not register to vote.

    • TeeJaw said, on Saturday, August 7, 2010, 11: 29 AM at 11:29 AM

      Loretta Sanchez unseated Bob Dornan in California in 1996 with illegal immigrant votes. Apparently, if you can vote illegally you can register illegally also. Somehow lots of illegal votes are cast for Democrats every election. But even if illegals were not already voting Democrats would still want as many of them as possible to come into the country because they have dreams of creating 10 million new Democrat voters with “comprehensive immigration reform”, i.e., amnesty.

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