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One More Reason Why We Should Want Republicans to Win and Democrats To Lose

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, October 2, 2010, 10: 58 AM

The Christopher Coates testimony before the Civil Rights Commission on the Justice Department’s policy of racial preference in the enforcement of the Voting Rights Act was a bombshell. Officials at the Justice Department have openly declared that they will never prosecute violations of Federal Voting Rights law when the victims are white. It was the application of this policy that resulted in the dismissal of the New Black Panther Party case even though that case involved a clear violation of Federal Law at a Philadelphia polling place, and had in fact already been prosecuted and won by civil rights attorneys in the Justice Department. See my previous post on this here.

The Weekly Standard has more on how Justice Department high officials desperately tried to prevent Coates from spilling the beans. The Weekly Standard report is chilling reading:

To sum up: Coates puts his explosive allegations about unequal enforcement of civil rights laws in writing. The same official who gets the letter sits in a briefing with Perez when the allegations are repeated. And then at literally the 11th hour before Coates testifies he sends out a letter which makes one last stab at keeping the story under wraps. Jen Rubin’s sources tell us that it’s not remotely possible that all of this would have occurred without the express knowledge and direction of senior DOJ officials.

After listening to Coates’s testimony we know why the Justice Department wanted to muzzle him. As Commissioner Todd Gaziano told THE WEEKLY STANDARD: “Coates was highly credible, and he provided convincing detail about a number of his supervisors who are hostile to the race-neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws. Anyone watching the replay on C-SPAN’s website can see that for themselves.” Gaziano also noted: “The fact that Coates relayed these conclusions to [civil rights chief] Thomas Perez last May gives me even more reason to conclude that Perez was not forthcoming in his own sworn testimony to the Commission.” Similarly Commissioner Gail Heriot explained, “If there was doubt before about the significance of our investigation, Mr. Coates removed it.” She continued, “We’re talking about the integrity of our Justice Department and the obligation to enforce federal laws in a race-neutral manner.”

And this:

Rep. Frank Wolf had this comment on the latest revelations in the New Black Panther Party case:

If, in fact, Assistant Attorney General Perez was aware of Mr. Coates’ concerns prior to testifying under oath before the Commission, this is a shocking development. It would indicate the extent to which this department has misled the public about the equal enforcement of federal voting rights law. I am determined to stay with this until the department comes clean with the American people.

Andy McCarthy wrote at National Review Online:

The vast majority of Americans want race-neutral law enforcement, would be profoundly offended by any other kind, and minimally expect the Justice Department to be forthright and forthcoming in legal proceedings — particularly given that Justice demands nothing less of ordinary Americans. It is Congress’s job to hold the DOJ to account. The Democratic Congress clearly has no intention of examining the policies and practices of the Obama Justice Department. That’s a huge reason why we need a new Congress. The mainstream media has tried to suffocate this story by inattention, but it hasn’t worked because race-neutral law enforcement is something people care about. Congressional candidates, take note.

Have you read or heard about this in the mainstream media? Of course not. And that is exactly why it is better, at least for now, to have Republicans with all their faults running the government than Democrats. The media will do its best to cover up government corruption when Democrats are in charge; the media will become a true “Fourth Estate” and actually do its job only when Republicans are in office.

As Scott Johnson at Powerline says:

In a Republican administration, this story would be on the front page of every serious newspaper and heads would already have rolled. The underlying Department of Justice story involves a racially based double standard that cannot be publicly avowed, admitted or defended. There is of course another kind of double standard operating in the mainstream media that keeps this story under wraps, and we all know what it is.

Republicans are not free from corruption, greed, incompetence and just plain stupidity. But at least there is some restraint in that they know they just can’t get away with it as the Democrats can because the media will not help Republicans cover it up. Maybe the only hope for a modicum of honesty we can get in government, at least for now, is to kick the media out by kicking the Democrats out.


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  1. […] This post from October 2nd was about the bombshell testimony of Christopher Coates before the Civil Rights Commission regarding the dismissal by the DOJ of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case. Coates testified that the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department was enforcing a policy against pursuing any case under the 1965 Voting Rights Act if the perpetrators are racial or language minorities and the victims are white. […]

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