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Why Joe Miller In Alaska Must Win Today

Posted in election2010 by TeeJaw on Monday, November 1, 2010, 10: 54 AM

Because everyone and everybody in politics that gave rise to the Tea Party Movement is against him. The Republican establishment wants Lisa Murkowski and her “corrupt bastards.” Texas RINO Republican Senator John Cornyn can’t decide whether it’s Miller or Murkowski he supports because in true RINO fashion he has no principles to guide him other than making sure he is on the winning side; The NRSC says it supports Miller but has done nothing to help him; the old boy and girl Senate GOP Conference has refused to remove Murkowski from the Senate Energy Committee even though that would be standard practice for a sitting senator who lost a primary challenge; and the Alaska Supreme Court has unconstitutionally changed settled election law in the middle of an election in an attempt to help Lisa Murkowski by ordering that lists of write-in candidates be handed out.

Despite all this Miller is ahead in the polls.

Conservatives and Tea Partiers are therefore solidly behind Joe Miller because, as Erik Erickson says:

Miller is the guy we want in the Senate. It is not just that he is conservative and not Murkowski. Miller now has unabiding contempt for the Republican Leadership in the Senate after what they’ve done to him.

For conservatives, that is a very, very good thing.

No matter where you live Joe Miller deserves your support. You can contribute to his campaign today at joemiller.us


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