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Shadenfreud Amid A Couple of Disappointments

Posted in election2010 by TeeJaw on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, 8: 52 AM

While there is much cause for celebration over last night’s results, 61, perhaps more, seats gained in the House, at least seven more R’s in the Senate, and 18 state houses flipped to Republican. Not bad. Oh, and just to see the face on Pelosi in the photo to the left is well, heartwarming.

On the downside, the Colorado and Alaska Senate races don’t look good at this point. These two are especially disappointing because in a sane world both would have easily gone the other way. The grim news for California’s future with Governor Moonbeam was to be expected so no tears there. But Colorado and Alaska? What is wrong with you people? How did the same voters who flipped Colorado’s legislature back to the Republicans go so strongly for…Bennet? Something fishy there.

Alaska is a different story. Joe Miller may still pull it out but it doesn’t look promising. I’ve spent just enough time in Alaska to know that a lot of people who might have been run out of where they were before live there, so maybe this was to be expected. Too bad. It’s always tough to see corruption win.

The survival of the vile and dingy Harry Reid, who will remain Senate Majority leader and continue to make trouble, shatters what would have been a dream come true for many in the whole nation. At least he will be presiding over a Senate with a Republican minority that is larger and more conservative. Hope they give him a lot of grief.

Photo at right borrowed from Ace of Spades.


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