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Beware “Repeal and Replace”

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, November 4, 2010, 9: 40 AM

Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner both say they want to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. Replace it with what? Common sense health care reforms they say, without specifying. We should be a good bit scared of their stated intention of replacing Obamacare. It should just be repealed, period. Once that is done, then it will be time to talk about “common sense” health care reforms. Otherwise, there will be bargaining over what those reforms will be using Obamacare as the bargaining chip, meaning that those “common sense” reforms will be nothing of the sort.

Of course, Obamacare cannot actually be fully repealed so long as Obama is president because he will veto it. But that is no reason not to make every effort to pass repeal and force him to veto it. As many times as possible.

Obamacare is going to start to affect a lot of people with nightmarish consequences. Passing repeal and forcing Obama to veto it will be like offering a man dying of thirst a cup of water, and making Obama the ogre who snatches it away from him.


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  1. Al Dente said, on Thursday, November 4, 2010, 9: 42 AM at 9:42 AM

    President Obama summoned Harry Reid and John Boehner to the White House for a cry-in-your-beer summit. SHOCKING story at:


    Peace! 🙂

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