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Democrats Need People To Be Poor — Here’s How We Know This

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 10: 36 AM

Democrats need poor people. How do we know this? The under-$25,000-income voters voted Democrat by 59-36 in the election last week.

To know who might be most responsible for any phenomenon always ask who benefits from its existence. If someone living in poverty is more likely to vote Democrat, then Democrats have an interest in keeping them as voters. If someone rising out of poverty might lose their allegiance to Democrats then Democrats have strong reasons not to want that to happen. If someone rising out of poverty might be more likely to vote for conservative candidates, Democrats have strong reasons to oppose conservative ideas for alleviating poverty.

Now we know why Democrats oppose welfare reform. It helps people get out of poverty. It helps people become independent. It helps people find meaning in their lives. As people become self-sustaining they become better informed, and they might not vote for Democrats in that case.

Vote Democrat, stay poor.


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