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November 11, 2010

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Deficit Commission Report is a Trick. Rush Limbaugh on the radio today:  “This debt commission report, Irksome Bowles, Alan Simpson, forget it.  It’s worthless.  The premise is totally corrupt.  Don’t get caught up in debating any of the minutia or the aspects of this thing.  It’s a setup; it is a trap.  All it does is cement the notion of expanded government spending ad infinitum.  I’ll give you a couple of reasons why I’m saying this but I’m not gonna waste my time like I see ’em doing on the news networks dissecting this stuff.  There’s nothing bold about it. There’s nothing revolutionary about it.  It’s a trick.” Rush is right.  The report seems to have been released early, possibly to provide cover for the lame duck session in Congress to refuse to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, resulting in big tax increase come January 1st.

Rush calls Alan Simpson “Alan Simpson Babe” because Simpson calls Rush “Rush Babe.”

Olympia Snowe Vulnerable in 2012 — Tea Party Target “Polls indicate that at least two veteran GOP senators are highly vulnerable to challenges on their right flank — Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch and Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe – and there are rumblings about potential GOP bids against Nevada Sen. John Ensign, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar as well.” Some poll indicated only a third of Maine Republicans want Snowe re-elected in 2012.  Hope it’s true.  RINOS on the run.  UPDATE:  Confirmed — Snowe will have a challenger from the Tea Party.  And PPP says Maine is now more conservative so this is going to be serious.

Internet StingCan a person be convicted of attempted rape of a child, even though the victim is a fictitious character created by police?  Yes, says the Washington State Supreme Court in State v.Patel. Patel argues that the true victim here was Detective Keller, an adult. However, it was the fictional character “Kimberly” with whom Patel intended and attempted to have sex. Detective Keller was not the intended victim.  Patel’s argument is similar to that of a thief who tries to pick an empty pocket and argues that he cannot be convicted of theft because he could not have completed the crime.” Actually, I don’t think he could be convicted of theft, and Patel was not convicted of rape of a child.  He was convicted of attempted rape of a child, which probably carries either nearly or exactly the same penalty.  I wonder how this squares with the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Ashcroft v. The Free Speech Coalition, which held that the government may not criminalize  the production of “virtual child” pornography which does not sexually abuse an actual child.  It may not matter if the cases involve only interpretation of different statutes and not Constitutional issues.

Time Magazine really, really hates Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. So much so its editors are willing to make fools of themselves. In their latest hit piece they allow their writers to suggest that hyperinflation is coming but it won’t be the fault of government. No, we will have hyperinflation by 2019 caused by…Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Hot Air and Ace of Spades expose the insanity of this leftist nonsense.

The Deficit Commission’s Trial Balloon: A Few Good Ideas, and Two Horrible Ones that Deserve to Die

Cutting income taxes seems to be the only good idea these guys could come up with, along with at least two really dumb ones:
“Ending the mortgage interest deduction amounts to a hefty tax hike in the short term, and that makes your home harder to sell…”

They want to hike the gasoline tax. Yeah, that’ll work.
“As for raising gas taxes …where to start? To begin with, both raising the gas tax and ending the mortgage interest break hurt those who can afford it the least, the most. Also, raising the gas tax will make everything more expensive to manufacture and move around the country to points of sale. We already have the idiotic insistence on ethanol making food prices rise, we don’t need a gas tax hike to add to that. If the commission was looking for a way to freeze up an already weak economy, they couldn’t have found a better one than jacking up the gas tax.”

Dan Mitchell, Real Tax Increases and Fake Spending Cuts

“I have many pet peeves, but one that causes me endless frustration is the Washington “spending cut” scam. This happens when politicians increase spending, but claim that they’re cutting spending because they previously had planned to make government even bigger.”


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