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Reports of Death of The Rain Forest Greatly Exaggerated

Posted in Global Warming Hoax by TeeJaw on Sunday, November 14, 2010, 2: 04 PM

We’ve been told for years that man-made global warming would destroy the rain forests on earth because temperatures would rise and the precipitation would decline, turning the rain forests into deserts.  But now it appears that research has shown that warmer temperatures in the tropics have just the opposite effect.

According to the latest report published in Science [free abstract, to view full article costs $15] “There are many climactic models today suggesting that … if the temperature increases in the tropics by a couple of degrees, most of the forest is going to be extinct…”, and “What we found was the opposite to what we were expecting: we didn’t find any extinction event [in plants] associated with the increase in temperature, we didn’t find that the precipitation decreased.”

Much more in this story in the Guardian.

These climate changes that were studied happened thousands of years ago and occurred naturally.  When the climate changed the plants didn’t die, they did what all life forms do:  they adapted.  When water became more scarce, plants started becoming more efficient at its use.  The changes in temperature not only didn’t kill off the trees, it led to an explosion of diversity,

Another  scary AGW scenario bites the dust.


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