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Predictions For 2011

Posted in Global Warming Hoax, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, January 1, 2011, 9: 05 AM

There will be no shortage of predictions for 2011, most will be wrong. The best I’ve seen so far come from political humorist Frank J. Fleming. Hey, a little levity is the best approach here. Fleming gives us month-by-month predictions for the year ahead. Here a small sample that should make you want to read it all:

On January 3rd the newly elected Republicans will be sworn in and take control of the House. On January 4th they will go back to business as usual and betray their conservative principles, and on January 5th the Republicans will be unmasked as Democrats in drag. Once again, we realize we got screwed.

In February…well, this one has to be quoted word for word:

It will be a record warm February — further proof of global warming. Or it will be a record cold February — also proof of global warming. Or it will be the most average February temperatures on record — which would be the greatest proof of all of global warming.

Read the whole thing and start the New Year with a laugh:

Good Riddance to 2010: What’s Going Happen In 2011?

Remember, in politics what is humor and parody today has a way of becoming deadly serious later on. We used to make jokes about the next things liberals would try to take away from us. Remember when Rush Limbaugh jokingly said, “Next thing you know they’ll be after our SUV’s, or our light bulbs, or trying to regulate our diet, telling us how much fat and sugar we can eat…” Not very funny anymore is it.


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