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Kansas Joins Multistate Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of Obamacare

Posted in Uncategorized by TeeJaw on Thursday, January 13, 2011, 11: 39 AM

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s news and it’s a good laugh because liberal former Kansas governor Kathleeeeeeeeen Sibelius is one of the architects of this abominable piece of trash legislation and as director of Health and Human Services (a government agency whose very existence is unconstitutional) is charged with implementing it. Recently she tried to re-insert the death panels that were extracted expressly to garner enough votes in the Senate to pass it. After a public backlash the death panels have been withdrawn, but they will be back. No national health care scheme can exist without death panels. There is no level of taxation that can ever be sustained that would provide the money to pay for all the care we would like to have to try to extend our lives as long as possible. The issue is who will make the decisions. A government death panel places those decisions in the hands of government bureaucrats. Most people would rather make end-of-life decisions themselves, with their families and their doctor.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt campaigned on a promise to challenge Obamacare in the last election, so by joining in with the other states he is keeping his campaign promise upon which he was elected. Kansas will be the 26th state to join in the lawsuit, so now more than half the states are trying to get Obamacare overturned in court.

Obamacare is unconstitutional, but there are more reasons to get rid of it. Besides the enormous new costs and increase in the long term deficit, Obamacare stifles innovations in health care. The walk-in clinics started by Walmart would likely spread, if allowed. Obamacare will eliminate those clinics by making them impossible to operate at a profit. That’s too bad because those clinics save patients the expense of going to a hospital emergency room for non-emergency complaints, and they save emergency rooms for true emergencies. We have also seen how Obamacare is systematically dismantling private insurance markets. Yet another innovation is walk-in laboratories that will do blood tests for a whole slew of possible maladies and impairments. These labs offer the chance for to get a blood workup at a reasonable cost that will show whether any of the results are outside the statistical normal range. That enables a person to know before they have overt symptoms that they need to see a doctor, and to possibly avoid more serious complications.

These innovations that will be foreclosed by Obamacare are just the ones we know about. It’s all the ones we don’t know about because they will never become a reality that constitute a severe degradation to a better health care future.


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