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Melanie Phillips On The Failure Of Israeli Public Relations

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Thursday, January 13, 2011, 2: 44 PM

Melanie Phillips on Israeli television explaining why Israel has lost the public relations battle with the British Intelligentsia. This is brilliant television. The Israeli interviewer seems genuinely puzzled to hear that Israel has done a poor job in its hasbara, which refers to public relations [the word literally means “explanation”].

As Phillips explains, in Britian truth and lies, good and evil, justice and injustice, have all been turned upside down. Almost all of the intelligentsia believes the lies, doesn’t have a commitment to the truth because it believes there is no such thing as truth. Most of the intelligentsia has only heard one story, and if they hear the actual truth they think it’s crazy.

Clearly, Israel needs a Jewish Rush Limbaugh.

Watching this video I thought of George W. Bush and how he would never respond to the vicious criticism from the left, and how that put many people in the position of the British intelligentsia, knowing only one story, the one told by the Left, so that if they happen to hear the truth they thought it was crazy. And unlike Great Britain, America does have Rush Limbaugh and a vast conservative talk radio, Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, conservative weekly magazines, and conservative books that regularly rise to the top of the best sellers lists. Even so, George Bush’s refusal to carry on a proper hasbara with the Left did a lot, in my view, to deliver America into the Obama administration. Of course, Bush also had another problem in that he did a number of boneheaded things in an impossible attempt to appease the Left that served only to worsen his image and the image of conservatives in general.


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