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The Black Book of Liberalism

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 11: 58 PM

J.R. Dunn, novelist, military historian and frequent contributor to the American Thinker website, wanted to write a definitive book on liberalism. Someone suggested he write “the black book of liberalism,” taking the phrase from the title of another book: The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.

That’s what he has done, but has given it a different title. Death by Liberalism: The Fatal Outcome of Well-Meaning Policies, is about the unintended consequences of government policies liberals have inflicted on their fellow countrymen by force and effect of law over the last 50 years.

“We have known for years that liberalism is corrupt, wasteful, and futile. Now we know that it is even worse. Liberalism is lethal.” So says Dunn as he recounts the consequences of liberal policies on DDT, ethanol, Federal child protection, gun-free zones, closing of mental asylums, soft-on-crime policies, replacing fathers with welfare checks, and more. Dunn believes all of the terrible consequences that he describes, with much evidence to back up his claims, are not the result of nefarious or dastardly schemes but the unforeseen consequences of good intentions gone awry.

It’s easy to imagine that Dunn is too charitable. Given that those responsible for the policies in the first place are not stupid and that they continue to defend the policies even after it has been shown how lethal they are, Dunn might be giving them the benefit of the doubt where there isn’t much doubt to give.

Just one example: DDT was banned nearly worldwide on thin evidence. Before the DDT ban Malaria had been nearly eliminated worldwide. But without the use of DDT in Africa for over two decades malaria made a comeback and was soon killing no less than one million Africans a year. Have you seen any liberals apologizing for these deaths? It would seem they should be wringing their hands, begging forgiveness, and rushing truckloads of DDT to Africa to kill the Anopheles Mosquito. Well, you won’t see that anytime soon. Instead liberals continue to defend the banning of DDT. They mean well. Their intentions are good. Sure.

And with Obamacare, the beat goes on.


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