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Another False Accusation By The Left Exposed — How Loughner Got a Gun When He Should Not Have

Posted in crime, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 9: 39 AM

According to every left-wing talking head on cable TV, the NRA and gun rights advocates are responsible for Jared Loughner being able to purchase a Glock 19 that he used to commit the Arizona shooting. Now that one goes down in flames also.

It turns out it was the Clinton administration that is front and center on this one and clearly to blame. None other than The Washington Post reveals:

    “An old policy memo from the Clinton administration paved the way for accused Arizona gunman Jared Loughner to buy his first firearm.

    Put in place by then-Attorney General Janet Reno, the policy prohibited the military from reporting certain drug abusers to the FBI, which manages the national list of prohibited gun-buyers, federal officials said.
    Loughner attempted to enlist in the Army in December 2008 but was rejected because he failed a drug-screening process,…”

Federal law prohibits anyone who is an illegal drug user from buying a firearm, under the Gun Control Act of 1968. If the FBI had known of Loughner’s illegal drug activity he would have flunked the instant background check at the gun store.

Now here is where conservatives and tea partiers out class leftists. We are willing to tell the whole truth and not just the part that disproves the charge the left has leveled against us. While the leftists lose the blame game on this one, it is only fair to note that Loughner could have, and probably would have, turned to the criminal underground and found a way to get a gun. No country in the world, no matter their gun laws, has ever prevented criminals from having guns. Russia and Mexico prohibit guns to everyone and all that means is that the criminals are armed to the teeth and it’s open season on defenseless law-abiding “citizens.” [It is right to put the word “citizens” in scare quotes because most of the population of those countries are not free citizens. They are subjects, as in subjugated.]


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