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Anti-Semitism Explained

Posted in Culture, History by TeeJaw on Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 2: 08 PM

Shrinkwrapped, (A Psychoanalyst Attempts to Understand Our World) gives one of the best explanations for anti-semitism and why it has been and will no doubt continue to be pervasive in The World.

It has been said that anti-Semitism is the Protean Evil. It can fit into anyone’s paranoid worldview. For example, if you hate Communism, it is a trivial matter to decide (and find compelling evidence) that Jews are Communists. On the other hand, if you hate Capitalism, it is an equally trivial matter to find support for the proposition that Jews are Capitalists. It is a bitter fact of life that Jews tend to be successful at adapting to whatever system they are in; success then breeds resentment, and a two thousand year old hatred presents a low energy, well worn pathway for distress and anger to be channeled away from one’s own shortcomings.

Anti-semitism is the one-stop, do-it-all emotion to express one’s feelings of inadequacy, resentment of the success of others, and to shift the blame for just about any setback in life, either your own or someone else’s. On top of all that, an ancient and well-worn trail with no hills to climb exists for those wishing to go that way.

Read it all.


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