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Wyoming Will, And Colorado Might, Join Vermont, Arizona and Alaska

Posted in Gun Rights by TeeJaw on Wednesday, March 2, 2011, 4: 28 PM

…in allowing citizens who are not prohibited from owning a handgun under state or federal law to carry their firearm concealed without a permit.

Colorado House Bill 11-1205 has passed the Colorado House (by a vote of 45-25 which means some Democrats voted for it) but must clear the Democrat controlled Senate and acquire the signature of Colorado’s Democrat governor to become law, so it remains in significant doubt at this point. If hell freezes over and the Democrats actually do agree on it and the governor signs it anyone legally in possession of a handgun could carry it concealed in Colorado without a permit. They would do so under the same restrictions that apply to carrying with a permit, and permits will still be available for those wanting them, such as for carrying in other states under reciprocity or recognition.

In Wyoming pretty much the same result will be obtained under SF-0047 which has passed both houses of the Wyoming legislature and awaits the signature of Governor Meade, which is probably a certainty. As in Colorado, anyone carrying without a permit in Wyoming will be subject to the same restrictions as if carrying with a permit, and permits will still be available for carrying in other states.

One reason I can see for still wanting a permit, and which I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere, is to avoid delay upon contact with law enforcement. A law enforcement officer will likely run you through a few computer checks before letting you go if you’re carrying without a permit and that could take some time. If you have a permit the process would likely be shortened to a simple check of the permit to ensure it remains valid. Whether that’s worth $152 in Colorado and close to $100 in Wyoming would be individual choice. It would be worth it to me.

There is one big difference between the Colorado and Wyoming bills. The proposed Colorado bill does not require one to be a resident of Colorado in order to take advantage of it, should it pass. Thus, for the first time a Chicago Alderman who might be the only person who can carry a concealed handgun in Chicago but was prohibited to carry while on vacation at his ski chalet in Aspen, will no longer have to swish down the slopes unarmed. Wyoming continues its historical parochialism and extends the protection of the new law only to Wyoming residents. Aren’t you glad Wyoming doesn’t require one to be a resident to drive a car, or to own a house, or to enjoy the sweet smell of sagebrush?

Just who is and who is not a resident in Wyoming remains a mystery. The statute provides no guidance. The Chicago Alderman will be OK in Wyoming because Wyoming will recognize his out-of-his-resident-state permit such as, for example, a Florida permit. His “very-special-privilege-for-Alderman-and-other-big-shots” only Chicago city permit will remain as worthless as a three-dollar bill in Wyoming.

UPDATE: Colorado’s gooney bird journalists are creating confusion by referring to the proposed new law in Colorado as “conceal and carry repeal” even though the proposed law does not repeal anything but only adds additional language to the existing statute. Must be liberal media wishful thinking. These are the same bird brains that label Colorado’s law allowing you to use deadly force to resist a home invader bent on killing you and everyone you love as the “make my day” law. As if it would make your day to have violent criminals break the peace and safety of your home. Disgusting sickos.


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