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Concealed Carry On Campus Spreading — Texas, Oklahoma and Beyond

Posted in Government and Politics, Gun Rights by TeeJaw on Friday, March 4, 2011, 10: 37 AM

The Virginia Tech Shooting the killed 32 people; the Tucson shooting that killed 5; and other mass shootings used to bring calls for more gun control. They still do but those are being drowned out by more and more places beings opened up for law-abiding citizens to carry guns. Finally, the common sense notion that it’s nuts for only crazies and crooks to have guns is taking hold. Texas and Oklahoma appear ready to enact legislation the will prohibit the states’ colleges and universities from denying persons over 21 with a CCW from carrying on campus, to the horror of college administrators and regents.

Inside Higher Ed reports:

College administrators in the 15 states where pending bills would legalize concealed carry of weapons on campuses are not only running out of time to plead their case to politicians, they’re also being faced with the possibility that legislators simply don’t care about their concerns — at least, not enough to vote down the bills.

Maybe that’s because of the stark reality that in the Virginia Tech shooting a crazed gunman would never have been able to gun down 32 defenseless people if there have been other people there with guns. In every case of a mass public shooting the mayhem continues until either the gunman runs out of ammunition or victims or kills himself, or he is stopped by someone else, usually someone with a gun be it police officers or citizens.

The dire predictions of a blood bath if the good guys get to have guns never come true but that doesn’t seem to phase the campus administrations when it comes to allowing students and professors to have a fighting chance against crime and mass murder. The prospect of anyone lawfully having the means to defend himself and others terrifies them.

As one campus president said:

“I think we must all be mindful that law enforcement professionals are highly trained to appropriately respond to threats and violent acts,” A&M President R. Bowen Loftin said in a statement to Inside Higher Ed. “In the heat of a gun battle, how does a police officer quickly discern that one person is actually a law-abiding citizen trying to help and someone else is a ‘bad guy’ trying to hurt?… I worry about putting our campus police, as well as our students, faculty and staff, in a very difficult and dangerous position.”

This statement seems immature, uninformed and downright dumb coming from a supposedly intelligent and educated person. First, in none of the mass shootings that have killed dozens at a time have the police arrived in time to save many lives. In the usual case, all they can do is gather evidence and write reports after the shooting has already stopped. Second, if police are so highly trained why can’t they learn to distinguish good guys from bad guys. The two appear and act quite differently, after all. Third, what could put campus police, students, faculty and staff in a more dangerous and difficult position that a Virginia Tech type whacko with free rein to kill?

A&M’s Bowen doesn’t say what horror he thinks will happen if CCW holders who have been subjected to a thorough criminal background check are allowed the basic and natural right of self defense. To the contrary, a few CCW holders with weapons will be the best thing that ever happened the next time a mentally disturbed gunman shows up. CCW holders are the true first responders because there’s a chance they will actually be there at the moment calamity strikes. The police are the not the first responders, they are the second responders.

Law professor Glenn Reynolds says this to University Campus Officials:

Relax guys. Those people may not seem like your kind, but they’re not as threatening to your way of life as you think. Your worries that this will “change the culture” will soon seem bigoted and out of place as the integration process proceeds.

Is it just me, or is the notion that guns are especially dangerous on university campuses because they’re lawless and full of alcohol and drugs one of those arguments that “proves too much?” If campuses are really that bad, isn’t the problem, you know, bigger than just whether someone with a permit has a gun there?


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