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NPR Executives Caught on Video Bashing Tea Party, Israel, Republicans, Uneducated Americans …

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 12: 01 PM

Modern-day muckraker James O’Keefe goes underground with two reporters posing as a Muslim Brotherhood front group intending to make a $5 Million donation to NPR. The reporters are Shaughn Adeleye (posing as Amir Malik in the video below) and Simon Templar (as Ibrahmim Kasaam). They met with Ron Schiller, President NPR Foundation, and Betsy Liley, Senior Director, NPR Institutional Giving, at the Café Milano, an upscale Italian restaurant in Georgetown.

In the secretly recorded video below all of NPR’s partisan bias is on display. That includes the belief of NPR executives that most Americans are uneducated bigots, the Tea Party is “racist, racist”, Israel engages in relentless persecution of Muslim Palestinians, not enough Muslim voices are heard in the American media, American Universities are not liberal, Juan Williams had to be fired because he is an anti-Muslim bigot for his comment on O’Reilly [“W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”], and the biggest whopper of all, that NPR is a straight news organization that does not express any political opinions in its reporting.

Many of the statements of Ron Schiller in the video directly contradict public statements of NPR CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation), who is his boss. For example:

Vivian Schiller at a press conference yesterday in Washington D.C.: “We take [federal defunding] very, very seriously. [ending it] would have a profound impact we believe on our ability – of public broadcasting’s ability – to deliver news and information.”

Ron Schiller on video at the Café Milano: “Well frankly, it is clear that we would be better off in the long-run without federal funding.”

Vivian Schiller on the Juan Williams firing: “We handled the situation badly,” she said. “We acted too hastily and we made some mistakes. I made some mistakes.”

Ron Schiller at the Café Milano lunch spoke on the Juan Williams firing saying he’s “very proud of” how NPR fired Juan Williams. “What NPR stood for is non-racist, non-bigoted, straightforward telling of the news and our feeling is that if a person expresses his or her opinion, which anyone is entitled to do in a free society, they are compromised as a journalist,” he said. “They can no longer fairly report.”

Take the time to view this video in its entire 11 minutes and you will see all of NPR’s bigotry, anti-semitsm, anti-Americanism and liberal bias on naked display. More discussion is available at Legal Insurrection and The Daily Caller.

Roger L. Simon comments: “What this video reveals most of all is the cultural and ideological ignorance of modern liberalism…They are stupid. Lost in a delusional world of political correctness, the elders of NPR have forfeited the ability to think critically. They simply can’t see the facts anymore — or don’t care to.”

Claire Berlinski: “What’s obvious is that these guys–who are in the news business!–just had no idea what the name “Muslim Brotherhood” means. They were thinking, “Well Muslims are nice, and we like brotherhood.” No instant mental connection to any of the associations that name should raise. Nor did they have the knowledge to realize that it had to be a sting simply because no one connected to the MB in the US ever proudly announces it.”


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