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The Followup Phone Calls After the Lunch With NPR Executives At Cafe Milano

Posted in Culture Rot by TeeJaw on Friday, March 11, 2011, 9: 05 AM

The 11-minute video of the lunch sting with NPR executives and James O’Keefe and two actors posing as a Muslim Brotherhood front group was posted here previously. This is a 46-minute audio of follow up phone calls where Betsy Liley of NPR believes she is talking to a Muslim Brotherhood front group wanting to donate $5 Million to NPR. They discuss how NPR can help them remain anonymous by making phony entries in its donor records. These actions would have been to shield the donation from a government audit, and would be illegal.

Betsy Liley believes she is talking to the Muslim Brotherhood and unless she is massively uninformed and ignorant she knows that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that supports Hamas and Hezbollah and has stated its goal of establishing Sharia law everywhere.

This is about NPR agree with what they think is the Muslim Brotherhood that it will provide favorable reporting in exchange for a big donation. One wonders why Betsy Liley was not suspicious since they were offering to pay NPR to do what it is already doing for free.


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