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This Is From The Guy Who Accuses Others Of “Shipping Jobs Overseas”

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Sunday, March 20, 2011, 12: 07 PM

Barak Obama, speaking about Brazil’s new oil discoveries on Friday, said this:

    “In particular, with the new oil finds off Brazil, President Rousseff has said that Brazil wants to be a major supplier of new stable sources of energy, and I’ve told her that the United States wants to be a major customer, which would be a win-win for both our countries.”

“Stable source of energy” in the form of oil? I thought he hated oil. Oh, I get it. It’s just oil produced in the United States that he hates. It’s bad if we drill for our own oil, but just fine if we buy it from Brazil. Let Brazil have all those high-pay jobs. I have a question. If we don’t create jobs in the U.S., where does the money come from to buy oil from Brazil? Or to buy anything from anyone?

“Win-win for both our ountries” Obama says. Let’s see, Brazil wants to sell us oil but we’re broke. That looks like lose-lose for both our countries to me.

Does he not know that the United States has as much or more oil than Brazil that we could be drilling for and producing and refining into gasoline before gasoline hits $5 a gallon? Or does he know what every other American knows who is not in a coma, but doesn’t care? With official unemployment at 8.9%, but the actual unemployment over 10% (at least according to the Gallup folks who are no friends of Republicans or conservatives or Tea Party people), and the unemployed plus under-employed at least 19%, why wouldn’t Obama welcome the all the good-paying jobs that would be created if we could just be allowed to drill for oil in our own back yard?

Mark Levin said something on his radio show on Friday that hits the truth right on the head. Democrats are lucky in so many ways, from having a liberal suck-up media that will sing praises on high to every one of their lies and stupid ideas, to a reliable stable of left-wing hack judges who will give legal blessings to their autocratic mandates on the American people. But they are lucky and should give thanks that the American people are so laid back and law abiding that they do not rise up in anger and string Democrats up from lamp posts. Levin did not advocate anything of the kind, nor does any other conservative, tea party member, or conservative blogger. We just marvel at how lucky these Democrat tyrants are that they live in this peaceful law-abiding country and not in one of the many volatile ones where they would be in danger of losing more than an election. They don’t have to fear losing an election. As in Wisconsin, they just find a liberal hack in a black robe to issue a restraining order against democratically-passed legislation they don’t like.


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