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British Gun Control Is Sexist

Posted in Gun Rights, Guns by TeeJaw on Friday, May 6, 2011, 11: 09 PM

Howard Nemerov has these thoughts:

The Brits know how to control their women.

After imposing draconian gun control in 1997, the next decade saw about a 60% increase in the rape rate. Where women used to be safer than in the U.S., British women are now raped about twice as often as here in gun-toting USA.

Read the whole thing.

It’s not remarkable to note that gun control in a place like Great Britain would disproportionately effect women.  Any restriction on self defense and having arms for that purpose have always disproportionately burdened the weakest citizens [or subjects] in any society.  American gun control has historically been felt most strongly among Black citizens.   Unlike Great Britain where making women more vulnerable to rape is an unintended consequence of draconian gun control, American gun laws in the 19th Century were explicitly aimed at keeping Blacks from having guns.  If you are holding a population in slavery, and after abolition you want to enforce Jim Crow laws on them, and lynching is a common practice to keep that population in fear, you certainly don’t want them to have guns.  Thus, strict laws against possessing or carrying firearms were enacted during and after the Civil War which were vigorously enforced against Blacks and hardly enforced at all against Whites.  Sometimes the laws were expressly made to apply only to Blacks, and that became  part of the impetus for the 14th Amendment.  It is a strange irony, therefore, that today African Americans as a group are one of the strongest proponents of gun control laws.  Maybe if they better understood the Racist Roots of Gun Control they would change their minds.

African Americans still suffer disproportionately when gun control laws prevent them from having an effective means to defend themselves.  Now, however, their tormentors are not racist Whites but African American drug dealers and criminals in inner-city neighborhoods.  With the rise in drug use among Blacks and the consequent rise in Black crime, honest hard-working Blacks are the chief victims of Black criminals. One Black citizen of Chicago became the plaintiff in the recent Supreme Court case of McDonald v. Chicago which held that the Second Amendment applies to the states.  This case held Chicago’s municipal gun laws to be unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.  Those laws had left Mr. McDonald helpless in a his once-peaceful but now crime-ridden neighborhood.

The 14th Amendment was adopted in 1867 and was aimed at protecting the newly-freed Black slaves from oppression by White racists.  Those conditions have now been alleviated almost entirely and, irony  of ironies, it is now the Second Amendment that was written by slaveholders in 1789 that is lifting racist burdens off the shoulders of Black Americans.

Final thought.  Firearm freedoms and widespread gun ownership makes people of any race, color or creed more civilized. Here’s why.


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