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It’s Easier to Get Into Harvard Than to Get a Job at Walmart

Posted in Culture, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, May 9, 2011, 10: 33 AM

Harvard received 15 applications for every new student admitted to its most recent class. Walmart just received 6,000 application for 300 jobs at a new Walmart in Cleveland. That’s one new hire for every 20 applicants. This ratio is not an anomaly, but is representative of everywhere Walmart opens a new store.

The qualifications for a job at Walmart are that one must be able to read, speak and write English, must have an ID, and pass a drug test. No previous work experience required. [if every job required prior work history we’d all be unemployed] Walmart pays above minimum wage in all cases, plus benefits and a 10% employee discount on general merchandise, drinks and candy. The employee discount extends to spouses, dependents and family members. It generally does not apply to groceries which are already a whopping amount cheaper than the other big supermarket chains.

I recently compared Walmart grocery prices on a few items I buy. A jar of Kraft olive oil mayonnaise that was $4.99 at two other large supermarket chains was $3.59 at Walmart. I got an even bigger savings on a box of General Mills Fiber One cereal — $5.19 at the other big chains and $3.79 at Walmart. An 18 ounce tub of Lloyd’s bar-b-que was $4.99 at one chain, $5.99 at the other, and $3.99 at Walmart; an 8-count package of Jimmy Dean pork sausage at both big chains was $4.99, only $3.99 at Walmart. That’s just a sampling. I’ve recently noticed the rise in coffee prices, and if you can drink Maxwell House (not me) or Folgers (ick!) you’ll save a lot at Walmart.

Those savings are in dollars not pennies. The store discount of 10% for Walmart employees applies to a lot of stuff that a person must buy all the time. Savings on toiletries, vitamins, aspirin and ibuprofen, paper towels, etc. are equivalent to an hourly rate of compensation substantially above the minimum wage. A young person starting a household can furnish it and stock it with dishes and utensils of good quality at huge savings (The only wall clock I’ve found that will work in the freezing winter temperatures of my Wyoming garage came from Walmart). For someone with no work experience it’s got to be the best deal they are likely to find anywhere. I guess that explains why Walmart gets so many applications every time they open a new store.

It’s not only a good job for a young person with no work history, it also offers the possibility of advancement. Seventy-five percent of Walmart management started as hourly employees.

No wonder unions can’t seem to make inroads on Walmart. Who needs a union when you already have a better deal and don’t have to pay union dues?

Source of the Harvard and Walmart stats: The American Thinker

Source of the price comparisons: Me — my own personal experience.


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