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Basher Al Assad Clinging To Power By Terror Beyond Human Imagination

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 10: 56 AM

Arab dictators hold onto their power by terrorizing their people into submission. Carried too far terror can lose its ability to subdue; at some point people will simply give up caring for their own lives and safety and will revolt en mass. That may be the current situation is Syria.

Terror that exceeds human imagination or ability to contemplate ceases to terrorize. Instead, it stimulates an animalistic rage that cares for nothing but revenge at all costs. Wickedness, depravity, sub-human, degenerate…these words don’t seem adequate to describe the actions of Syrian dictator Basher Al Assad’s terrorism against his own people. Likewise, words such as foolish, naive, indifferent, vacuous, clueless, unwise, ill-advised all seem inadequate to describe the American fools who have supported this monster and even now seem to be unable to condemn Assad with any conviction. Hillary Clinton Called Basher Al Assad a “Reformer.” Vice-president Joe Biden has visited Damascus several times and treats Assad like a golf buddy. If Obama has any sort of reservations about the terror Assad is perpetrating on his people he hasn’t said so. Silence in the face of atrocities beyond imagination speaks loudly.

Obama said nothing when the two months ago Bashar Assad started to kill his people. Obama’s silence indicated his heart wasn’t in it. To say now that Assad must make a transition to democracy or “get out of the way” is just verbiage. What transition? And how is he to get out of the way without being helped at gunpoint to do so? Democracy? Might it be a priority to simply stop the terrorism first? To remove him from power to stop the deadly spree he is pursuing? Democracy does not take hold in the midst of this sort of terror. Hope for any sort of change simply does not exist until the terrorism is stopped and it won’t stop until the terrorists are dead. That is the reality so many in our government are unwilling to recognize.

13-year-old Hamza Ali al-Khateeb was kidnapped from his parents a month ago by Assad’s security forces. His parents were unable to find out where he was or what happened to him for a month. During that time Assad’s forces brutally tortured and mutilated him, cutting off his genitals, shooting him several times and inflicting numerous other pain and torture. Then his body was delivered back to this parents with a warning that they had better keep quiet about it.

Instead they posted a video on the internet and participated in demonstrations. They are a perfect example of how the victims of terrorism lose all thought of their own life and safety when the acts of the terrorists are so awful and degrading as to lose the power to terrorize. Nothing on this earth goes to the heart and soul of humanity as the torture and killing of a child, the very essence of innocence and vulnerability. For the parents of a child tortured and killed it is sure to make them abandon all thoughts of their own safety and to care for nothing but revenge. Assad may have thought this could be kept secret and that Hamza’s parents would sink into oblivion. If so, he has miscalculated and made a huge mistake.

Such things are done by the most vile barbarians and no response other than to fight with all one’s might for their total annihilation will do.

As usual we must look to the British press for the story of this nightmarish episode. The London Daily Mail has the story in detail.

UPDATE: Now there is this report:

Obama is reported to have promised Medvedev to let Assad finish off the uprising against him without too much pressure from the US and the West. In return, the Russian president undertook to help the US draw the Libyan war to a close by means of an effort to bring about Muammar Qaddafi’s exit from power – in a word, the two big powers traded Qaddafi for Assad.



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  1. Ken Spiker said, on Thursday, June 2, 2011, 10: 01 AM at 10:01 AM

    The legacy of the Nazis is alive in the Middle East. The connections with the Baath Party and the Palestinians go far beyond the merely inspirational, they were actual and substantial.

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