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City of Chicago Ordered to Pay Attorneys’ Fees In Chicago Gun Ban Case

Posted in Government and Politics, Gun Rights by TeeJaw on Friday, June 3, 2011, 10: 59 AM

Otis McDonald and The National Rifle Association win an award of attorneys’ fees in their suit against the City of Chicago, the 7th Circuit rules. McDonald and the other plaintiffs prevailed in the Supreme Court ruling in McDonald v. Chicago. That case struck down Chicago’s draconian gun ban. See this post from last year for an explanation of that case: The Good Guys Win One In Chicago — Mayor Daley Beside Himself.

The amount of the fees will have to be determined in a separate evidentiary hearing in the trial court. The case was fought hard by the City through the trial court, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The fees can be expected to amount to several hundred thousand dollars or even more.

The City of Chicago repealed its gun ban law after McDonald was decided but enacted a new law that is almost as restrictive. That law is being challenged by several plaintiffs in a new law suit against the City.

Liberty lovers are overjoyed. Local governments are forewarned that their unconstitutional ordinances and laws may not only be overturned in Federal Court but they may be forced to pay dearly for their attempts to infringe fundamental rights.


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