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Care or Cure?

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, June 6, 2011, 10: 10 AM

Does an LLM in Federal Taxation improve your acumen in judging public policy alternatives?  No, much as I’d like to think so because I have that degree.  But so does Michele Bachmann and she’s talking up some crackerjack ideas lately.  For example, on health care:

“In the midst of all the talk about facts and figures and insurance policies, we can’t forget humanity. I want to see us focus on finding cures as well. Cures for Alzheimer’s, cures for diseases that particularly deal with senior citizens, diabetes, for instance, that’s what we need to do.”

Cure of disease not only improves the lives of patients and their loved ones, it leaves care in the dust for reducing the cost of health care as well.  Today the amount spent on polio is almost nothing, because that disease was cured.  The March of Dimes, a private charity, put money into finding a cure so today’s cost is simply for Jonas Salk’s vaccine.  If there were a cure for Alzheimer’s and diabetes, two ailments that account for beaucoup bucks in health care  right now, those costs could be used to find cures for other diseases.  Maybe in future instead of talking about Obamacare or Romneycare we will be talking about Bachmanncure.  Whoever gets the credit for a shift from saving money by bureaucratic rationing, think “death panels”, that person will achieve founding father status in American history for not only preserving every American’s bank account but their liberty and right to life as well.

Liberals favor the bureaucratic rationing approach.   Sure they do, it’s the one that most cripples the liberty of the American people by making them dependent on government.  Conservatives favor the free market approach to health care.  They believe it’s the way to lower costs without making slaves of health care providers and patients into a subjugated class of paupers.   Bachmann’s way takes the conservative way a few steps farther and uses free market forces to fund cures, preserve choice and liberty, save Medicare from bankruptcy, improve health outcomes and in the process lower health care costs.  In the context of finding cures for diseases the free market includes non-profit organizations (March of Dimes) as well as drug companies because both profit and humanitarian incentives are involved.

The Republican establishment recoils in horror at the thought of Michele Bachmann as a serious contender for President.  They better get over it.  Her ideas are a game changer.


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