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Another Month, Another 100,000 New Immigrants, Only 54,000 New Jobs In the Big Mac Economy

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Sunday, June 12, 2011, 10: 08 AM

The U.S. economy added 54,000 new jobs in the month of May, and 100,000 new immigrants came to America that month.  Mark Steyn comments on this:

So what kind of jobs were those 54,000? Economics professorships at the University of Berkeley? Non-executive directorships at Goldman Sachs? That sort of thing? No, according to an analysis by MorganStanley, half the new jobs created were at McDonald’s. That’s amazing. Not the Mickey D supersized hiring spree, but the fact that there’s fellows at Morgan Stanley making a bazillion dollars a year analyzing fluctuations in minimal-skill fast-food service-job hiring trends. What a great country! For as long as it lasts. Which is probably until some new regulatory agency starts enforcing Michelle Obama’s dietary admonitions.


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