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The Winds That Blow in Britain Today

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, July 5, 2011, 7: 03 AM

A diminishing number of people still believe that man-made CO2 is causing climate change.  The British Government  is among the true believers.  The Brits’ experiment with wind power is a splendid example of how a false belief may start out as support for a misguided enterprise, descend into daft stupidity, and end in barking insanity.

The  problem with wind is that it isn’t reliable and converting it to electric power is not very efficient.  In the British winter higher pressure reduces wind so that wind turbines don’t work most of the time.  The cost per megawatt produced by wind turbines is much higher than with more efficient fossil-fuel plants so nobody builds wind farms unless they are subsidized with other people’s money, exacted through taxes and higher energy prices. That’s not all.  The megawatts produced annually by all of the 3,500 wind turbines in Britain is no more than that produced by a single conventional power plant.  Never mind all that, The government of Britain is determined that by the year 2020 Britain will derive one-third of it energy needs from wind power.  There may not be enough wealth in Britain, even if all of it were confiscated, to accomplish that goal.  Money is not the only great cost that will have to be incurred.  The British government wants 10,000 more wind turbines by 2020.  The idyllic British countryside will be forever lost in a forest of 350-foot tall wind turbines.

Wind energy is kept alive by three great lies:  People must be kept from learning that it is preposterously expensive, it so inefficient 3500 wind turbines can’t keep up with one conventional power plant, and instead of curbing CO2 output, it actually increases man-made CO2 release into the atmosphere because of the many back-up generation plants that have to be built to keep the lights on when the wind isn’t blowing hard enough.

The back-up plants that are needed when the wind is not sufficient to make the turbines work must be capable of instant start in order to avoid blackouts.  That means they have to be kept idling at “spinning reserve” 24 hours a day.  They are meant to be run at full power and that is where they are most efficient.  They actually emit more CO2 at idle speed than at full power.  So the wind turbines, in addition to their phenomenal cost, don’t even reduce carbon emissions.  In fact, carbon emissions are increased by wind farms because of the need for back up plants. That’s how the environmental political agenda trumps science, and what started as a bad idea makes its adherents first merely stupid until it finally takes them into full blown insanity.

The situation in the United States mirrors that in Great Britain.  Even the Cowboy State of Wyoming has fallen hard for the false promise of wind energy.

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