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How Republicans Can Beat The Democrats On Raising the Debt Ceiling

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, July 9, 2011, 7: 51 AM

The Democrat strategy for getting us to ignore their disastrous handling of the economy is centered around raising the debt ceiling so they can continue borrowing and spending away the prosperity of future generations. These are the tactics: First, cower Republicans (always an easy task) by publicizing a purported deadline for an agreement to raise the ceiling, and promote the false claim that a fiscal disaster will ensue if a deal is not reached by that deadline. Second, put Republicans on the defensive by talking up the need to raise revenue with tax increases. When Republicans rightly denounce tax increases in the middle of a recession, say they are “holding a gun to the heads of the American people.” Trick Republicans into secret negotiations and then let loose a series of phony “leaks” about recalcitrant Republicans obstructing progress on saving the country from a financial catastrophe. What they are hoping for is some sort of “deal” they can announce as a “bipartisan budget agreement” that supposedly brings us “back from the brink” about 48 hours or so before the bogus debt ceiling deadline. Then when the whole thing doesn’t work and the economy sinks even deeper they can blame it all on Republicans.

This is right out of a time-honored Democrat playbook. The most astounding thing about it is how Republicans, or some of them, seem to fall for it every time. Former House leader George Mitchell played it on George H.W. Bush in 1990, persuading him to break his “read my lips, no new taxes” promise, which ushered in Democrat control of the presidency and both Houses of Congress in 1992. Even Ronald Reagan fell for it on the TEFRA deal in 1982. At least Reagan quickly realized how he have been spun and never let it happen again.

The Republicans have been handed an opportunity here, if only they will take it for once. The bogus deadline Obama has set could be the key to a Republican summer victory if they will play it right. They should respond to these threats by telling everyone who will listen that default will not occur if the debt ceiling is not raised, that the deadline set by Obama is bogus, and that to prove it they will not discuss raising the debt limit until the phony deadline has passed.

Let the deadline come and go and let everyone see that nothing happened.

Whether its politics, trial lawyering, or street fighting, jiu jitsu tactics [turning your opponent’s own weight against him] is always the way to go.


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