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Obama Approval Sinks To New Low of 40%

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, July 29, 2011, 1: 21 PM

Gallup Poll:

The poll consisted of a random sample of Adults. That means his approval number is even lower among Likely Voters.

Gallup is quick to point out that:

Obama’s 40% overall approval rating nearly matches the recent 41% approval Americans gave him for handling the debt ceiling negotiations. Though Americans rate Obama poorly for his handling of the situation, they are less approving of how House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are handling it.

No surprise there, it’s an American tradition to give Congress even lower approval numbers than the President, same thing happened during the Bush years, but the drive-by state-run media just didn’t report it much. They went into a frenzy of joy when Bush’s approval approached 30%, a rating they worked hard to bring about, but seldom mentioned that Congress’ approval was around 9% at the same time.

At least they included Harry Reid along with John Boehner in their comparison this time.

Obama’s low approval is due to his weird accusations against the Republicans for not compromising when he has not even offered a plan of his own (unless demanding tax increases constitutes a plan) so is essentially demanding Republicans compromise with themselves. Looks like Americans get it that he’s not acting in good faith. His absurd claim that Republicans are trying to steal Christmas if they don’t sign on to the Bankruptcy of America is probably not helping his poll numbers either, not be mention his crybaby hissie fits over Republicans’ refusal to go along with tax hikes. If anyone is stealing Christmas it’s the one that wasted all the money on frivolous junk.

On new taxes, Republicans have said they would go along with broadening the tax base and lowering the rates. That would create jobs and increase revenue. [More people working, more people paying taxes — lower rates more business investment creating more jobs] Obama’s not interested, revealing his true intent is not solving the debt problem.

Boehner has reworked his plan to include a requirement that Congress send a balanced budget amendment to the States. It includes $900 Billion of borrowing authorization and $917 of imaginary spending cuts. Formerly reluctant conservatives are now getting on board. Harry Reid says he working on his own plan. Yeah, it’ll be a beaut, you can count on it.

If the Senate immediately kills the Boehner plan, what should House Republicans do? My answer is simple: The should do Nothing, except go to every microphone they can find and tell the American people they have done their part and Harry Reid and Barack Obama now own this debt crisis.


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