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Obama/McConnell/Boehner Debt Bill is a Turkey

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Monday, August 1, 2011, 10: 45 AM

House Republicans should vote against this bill and table the matter. Let Obama’s phony deadline of August 2 come and go. Nothing bad will happen and the much good will come over time if they do that.

The bill is a turkey because:

1. Obama gets $2.4 Trillion debt increase which takes him beyond the 2012 election and gives up….? Nothing.

2. There are no cuts in spending until 2012. That means there are none because spending goes up immediately but the cuts are much later…so they simply will never happen. Couldn’t they at least have scrapped the ethanol subsidy?

3. The debt commission, as all debt commissions in the past, is baloney. Remember the Simpson-Bowles debt commission? I didn’t think so.

4. There are no real cuts but there are cuts to defense and to health care providers. All welfare is exempt. That cut to health care providers means that retirees will have an even harder time finding a doctor that will accept medicare. Why would they when they won’t get paid? This is what Obama wants, to force more seniors into Medicaid, which is welfare. Obama wins again, seniors lose. So does everyone else.

5. The debt commission won’t cut any spending but it can impose tax increases. The Bush tax cuts go away. Hello double dip recession, if not actual depression.

6. Spending increases are included i this debt bill! It imposes mandatory increased spending for Pell Grants – a stimulus handout to Big Education. This is nuts.

7. Boehner, who is now seen to have screwed this up royally, gets even greater budget authority for 2012.

8. The bill will NOT avoid a credit downgrade. Standard $ Poor’s has announced that this plan won’t be sufficient to prevent a downgrade of our AAA credit rating. Remember, S&P calls for at least $4 Trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years. This bill contains only $1 Trillion of cuts, and they’re phony!

9. This bill does nothing for the economy, it hurts the economy because it won’t limit the growth of government. Government growth is killing jobs.

This is like when they rammed Obamacare down our throats. But the Democrats controlled all of government then and were able to do that without one Republican vote. This time Republicans are helping them. Did the 2010 elections mean nothing?

Here’s a notable tweet from a Republican Democrat member of Congress, one of the good ones The far left hates it too; they want (more) new taxes:


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