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New Process Could Make Canadian Oil Cheaper and Cleaner

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, 2: 00 PM

A method for getting oil out of tarry sands could reduce the costs and lower the greenhouse-gas emissions associated with its extraction.

“New technology for extracting oil from oil sands could more than double the amount of oil that can be extracted from these abundant deposits. It could also reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from the process by up to 85 percent. Canada’s oil sands are a huge resource. They contain enough oil to supply the U.S. for decades.”

Story here.

Environmentalists will naturally be against this. They used to say they supported natural gas because it’s clean. But that was before recent discoveries of natural gas such as the Marcellus shale and others have resulted in us having a lot of it, and the prospect that it might be cheap.

This discovery was assisted by a $10 Million grant from the Canadian government but it accomplished by business and technology from the private sector. A government that actually wants to have cheap, clean energy helped.


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