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Rick Santelli Corrects Economic Illiterate Ezra Klein

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, August 5, 2011, 5: 12 PM

From HotAir:

Want to see a microcosm of everything that’s been wrong with American economic policy over the last couple of years?  Watch this exchange between Ezra Klein and Rick Santelli from earlier today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.  Santelli, whose February 2009 on-air rant over fiscal and economic mismanagement inspired the start of the Tea Party, gets exasperated with Klein after the Washington Post columnist talks about money moving around “unfairly”:

Ezra Klein is supposed to the new liberal whiz kid at the Washington Post. They’re hurting if he’s the best they’ve got. Money moving “unfairly?” If it’s your money and you move it the way you want, … well, it makes no sense but it’s the sort of nonsense liberals think is cool.

Obama could fix all the country’s growth and unemployment situation very quickly and easily, if only he would.  He could cut unemployment in half, stimulate a frenzy of growth and investment leading to economic prosperity with one simple act.  All he need do is announce that he is not running for reelection in 2012.  The party would be a blowout, the economy would rebound overnight, jobs would become plentiful, and waters would part.  He has tremendous power to do good right now, if only he will use it.


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