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Best Tweet on Obama’s Labor Day Speech in Detroit

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 8: 20 AM

James Taranto summarizes Obama’s speech in Detroit yesterday…

Obama joined Jimmy Hoffa Jr. in declaring war on “those Tea Party sons-of-bitches,” [Hoffa’s words but Obama seemed to approve wholeheartedly] Jimmy Hoffa thinks the Tea Party Movement is a “war on workers.”

A lady named Mary Miller, in the comments at Powerline Blog, responds to Hoffa:

He’s right- this IS a war on WORKERS. But HE is the one declaring war. The Tea Party is made up of people who WORK. They just want to keep more of what they worked hard for! Also- the Tea Party is a movement- NOT A PARTY- so they are declaring war on AMERICANS, not politicians. If politicians DO side with the movement, it is because they side with the American people who are sick and freaking tired of union a-holes sitting around draining our tax dollars for more and more money for doing less and less work while the ones footing the bill are being squeezed to death to pay for it. Furthermore, his words are certainly NOT metaphorical, they are a DIRECT THREAT. The pResident thinks his words are simply swell though- or he would have decried them otherwise. ANY violence from ANY union member that is in ANY way tied to Hoffa will leave not only Hoffa, but Obama complicit in said violence. Period.

John Hinderaker says:

Hoffa’s viciousness came through, to a degree that makes you wonder how he has managed to stay out of the penitentiary all these years.

In the mid-1960’s I had a wonderful job as a Rainbo Bread route salesman. The pay was strictly commission. I made fabulous money for a youngster of 23 in that time and place and loved the work. I worked hard, probably 12 hours a day schmoozing grocery store managers to let me stock tons of my bread in their stores. I took care of my customers, in the evening after returning my truck to the plant I made the rounds of my stores to shelve more bread those managers had allowed me to store in their back rooms, and I pulled up the bread the competition had shoved to the back of the shelf. Consequently, I sold lots of bread and every other Friday my efforts were rewarded with a check for lots of bread.

But one evening a gruff old guy grabbed me by the shoulder and shoved a badge in my face. He was not a cop, he was the “master at arms” of the local Teamsters Union which I was forced to belong by Union Shop rules. Apparently I was breaking some sacred union rule by being out in my stores in the evening working while my competition was drinking beer on their lazy boys in front of the tube. For that infraction I got a butt chewing and a union fine of $100 deducted from my next paycheck. My supervisor at the company apologized for the paycheck deduction and explained that it was in the union contract so there was nothing he could do about it. He went on to say that I was just the sort of person they would like to promote to a supervisory position some day. Then I’d make even more money and I wouldn’t have to belong to the Teamster’s Union.

That was all I needed to hear and I worked even harder to get that promotion. [alas, I went away to college before that promotion].  Like a speeder avoiding traffic cops, I learned how to predict when and where the union goon would be so I could evade capture. This in itself added pleasure to  my evening work. Evasion of union fines was pretty easy  since the goon was about as lazy as the rest of his union brothers. From this experience in my formative years I’ve had no use for unions or anyone named Hoffa.

I agree with John Hinderaker, it’s a wonder Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. has managed to stay out of prison all these years. It’s also a wonder he’s managed to stay out of a concrete suit.


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  1. Invisible Backhand said, on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 3: 15 PM at 3:15 PM

    What a wonderful story that sounds made up. Since you sound old enough, are you going to give up your Social Security and Medicare?

  2. TeeJaw said, on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 3: 48 PM at 3:48 PM

    If my story sounds made up to you perhaps it is because you just can’t imagine anyone actually deriving pleasure from hard work and earned success.

    I don’t know how social security and medicare figure into anything I said.

  3. Invisible Backhand said, on Tuesday, September 6, 2011, 8: 44 PM at 8:44 PM

    That means no.

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