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Bloody Saturday Night In New York City

Posted in crime, Culture, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 10: 30 AM

Twenty-four shot in 24 hours in 14 separate incidents, one fatal. What does nanny Bloomberg have to say? You’re right, NYC needs more gun control. Stricter Federal laws are needed, he says. The stuck record brays about gun control even though NYC already has the strictest gun laws in the nation, maybe the world. He also, of course, can’t or won’t ever acknowledge that no laws anywhere at anytime have ever stopped determined criminals from having guns and using them, with one huge exception. If everyone is locked up in a maximum security prison it might be possible to almost eliminate guns from the hands of the criminals. But even there they will have other types of weapons that they manage to fashion out of tooth brushes, combs, and metal objects of all kinds. Even there a gun is sometimes smuggled in. Without more effective criminal control NYC has no hope of stemming gun violence no matter what the gun laws happen to be.

Bloomberg can’t get past his anti-gun ideology long enough to pay any respect to what was accomplished by Rudy Giuliani and William Bratton in NYC, mainly through active Broken Windows Policing. Giuliani’s policy was continued for a while but liberals like Bloomberg are hostile to the concept, making it unlikely that it’s being pursued with any enthusiasm. Ideology, as opposed to philosophy, makes you stupid by causing you to ignore what has worked in the past and to pursue methods that support your ideology instead, even when they are proven over and over to be ineffective.

The sort of gun control nanny Bloomberg would be happy with would have little effect on criminals but would have a huge effect on law abiding citizens by criminalizing their innocent and harmless behavior. The case of Clint Cornelius in Massachusetts testifies resoundingly to this fact, as does the case of Brian Aitken in New Jersey. All-caring nanny Bloomberg couldn’t care less for these innocent victims of the sort of laws he supports.


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