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The Denver Post Cancels It Agreement With Copyright Troll Righthaven

Posted in Culture, Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Friday, September 9, 2011, 8: 39 AM

Wired.com story here.

Federal lawsuits filed as part of a business plan, at least if that is your only business plan, have proven to be pretty dumb idea.  Federal judges generally don’t take kindly to their courtrooms being used as a business opportunity.  They tend to think of themselves and their courtrooms as existing to settle honest disputes between or among real parties in interest.

Righthaven LLC of Las Vegas is a group of lawyers in Las Vegas who got the bright idea of taking an assignment of the rights to enforce copyright infringements from newspapers.  Their two main clients were the Las Vegas Review-Journal and The Denver Post.  If your business model is suing a lot of people it is not surprising that a lot of people start suing you back.  The result is not pretty, the courts don’t like it, and your business model eventually takes you down.  That is what is happening to Righthaven now.

In Colorado Righthaven filed dozens of lawsuits against small bloggers who copied a photo of a TSA agent at Denver International Airport with his hand up the crotch of middle aged man in business attire trying to get through security.  It was a striking photo of government intrusion of the most appalling sort.  These suits ran straight into a brick wall by the name of Federal District Judge John Kane who questioned the right of Righthaven to file suits for infringement of a copyright that it did not itself own.  Most of those suits sit idle in Judge Kane’s court, on hold while he contemplates whether Righthaven has standing to sue.

Judges in Las Vegas, where many other suits were filed on behalf of the Law Vegas Review-Journal, were thrown out of court for Righthaven’s lack of standing.

There is a website created especially to follow developments in the downfall of Righthaven at Righthaven Victims.


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