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Who Are The #Occupy Wall Street Movement?

Posted in Government and Politics by TeeJaw on Saturday, October 8, 2011, 1: 19 PM

We already know a lot about the #Occupy Wall Street Movement by it List of Demands. We now know more about it by a series of photos taken in the last few days. You may have heard talk about a mess on Wall Street. This is a stinking mess on Wall Street. Prepare to be grossed out.

After you’ve seen the photos of the #Occupy Wall Street Movement consider that The Tea Party rallies have brought thousands of people together in one place without any violence or the need for police involvement. When Tea Party rallies are over there is nary a scrap of party left on the grounds. They don’t make a big mess, and they clean up when they leave. The Tea Party Movement leans conservative although it attracts followers from both political parties and independents.

The #Occupy Wall Street Movement is, of course, a movement of the Left. It’s what a permanently dependent unemployed class will look like. It’s what America will look like if it becomes Europe, as is the desire of our permanent political class.


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